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How many zeros of a random polynomial are real?

Authors: Alan Edelman and Eric Kostlan
Journal: Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 32 (1995), 1-37
MSC: Primary 60G99; Secondary 30B20, 42A05
MathSciNet review: 1290398
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Abstract: We provide an elementary geometric derivation of the Kac integral formula for the expected number of real zeros of a random polynomial with independent standard normally distributed coefficients. We show that the expected number of real zeros is simply the length of the moment curve $ (1,\,t,\,\ldots \,,t^{n})$ projected onto the surface of the unit sphere, divided by $ \pi $. The probability density of the real zeros is proportional to how fast this curve is traced out.

We then relax Kac's assumptions by considering a variety of random sums, series, and distributions, and we also illustrate such ideas as integral geometry and the Fubini-Study metric.

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Keywords: Random polynomials, Buffon needle problem, integral geometry, random power series, random matrices
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