Yu. I. Manin

Vladimir Igorevich Arnold

June 12, 2007, is the seventieth birthday of Vladimir Igorevich Arnold, the illustrious scientist who has determined, to a great extent, the present face of mathematics. By the breadth and scope of his interests, Vladimir Igorevich reminds one of the most famous Men of the Renaissance. For him, mathematics is a unified science filled with interconnections that only he is able to discern.

It is completely impossible to give even a short summary of Arnold's work: in the last few years he has published a large number of new books and articles, while the list of his main research achievements (titles only) compiled ten years ago barely fits into six pages.

V. I. Arnold has discovered so many new mathematical phenomena that no human being would be capable of processing them and converting all of them into theorems in final form. Many of his observations were stated in the form of problems. These problems were actively studied, and their solutions gave rise to new branches of mathematics. For instance, symplectic topology arose from Arnold's conjectures. Arnold's textbooks have long become classics; they are used worldwide to learn mathematics.

The undersigned, as well as all those who have had the pleasure of knowing Vladimir Igorevich, admire and deeply esteem him.

S. Gusein-Zade, Yu. Ilyashenko, M. Kazarian,
A. Khovanskii, S. Lando, A. Sossinsky,
M. Tsfasman, V. Vassiliev, V. Zakalyukin

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