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On computing factors of cyclotomic polynomials

Author: Richard P. Brent
Journal: Math. Comp. 61 (1993), 131-149
MSC: Primary 11T22; Secondary 11Y05, 12Y05
MathSciNet review: 1205459
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Abstract: For odd square-free $ n > 1$ the cyclotomic polynomial $ {\Phi _n}(x)$ satisfies the identity of Gauss,

$\displaystyle 4{\Phi _n}(x) = A_n^2 - {( - 1)^{(n - 1)/2}}nB_n^2.$

A similar identity of Aurifeuille, Le Lasseur, and Lucas is

$\displaystyle {\Phi _n}({( - 1)^{(n - 1)/2}}x) = C_n^2 - nxD_n^2$

or, in the case that n is even and square-free,

$\displaystyle \pm {\Phi _{n/2}}( - {x^2}) = C_n^2 - nxD_n^2.$

Here, $ {A_n}(x), \ldots ,{D_n}(x)$ are polynomials with integer coefficients. We show how these coefficients can be computed by simple algorithms which require $ O({n^2})$ arithmetic operations and work over the integers. We also give explicit formulae and generating functions for $ {A_n}(x), \ldots ,{D_n}(x)$, and illustrate the application to integer factorization with some numerical examples.

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Keywords: Aurifeuillian factorization, class number, cyclotomic field, cyclotomic polynomial, Dirichlet series, exact computation, Gauss's identities, generating functions, integer factorization, Lucas's identities, Newton's identities
Article copyright: © Copyright 1993 American Mathematical Society