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Mathematics of Computation
Mathematics of Computation
ISSN 1088-6842(online) ISSN 0025-5718(print)


Review information:

Journal: Math. Comp. 65 (1996), 1757-1768
PII: S 0025-5718(96)00783-1
Review copyright: © Copyright 1996 American Mathematical Society
Full text: PDF   This review is available free of charge.

Numerical analysis: A first course in scientific computation, by Peter Deuflhard and Andreas Hohmann
Translated by F. A. Potra and F. Schulz

Additional book information: Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, 1995, xiv+355 pp., $69.95, hardcover; $39.95, paperback
MSC (1991): Primary 65-01, 65Bxx, 65Cxx, 65Dxx, 65Fxx, 65Gxx

Reviewed by: Eugene Isaacson

Multigrid methods for semiconductor device simulation, by CWI Tract J. Molenaar
Additional book information: CWI Tract, Vol. 100, Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam, 1993, vi+134 pp., Dfl. 40.00, softcover
MSC (1991): Primary 65N30, 65N50, 65N55, 82D99

Reviewed by: Michael Holst
Affiliation: Applied Mathematics Department\ California Institute of Technology\ Pasadena, CA 91125

Asymptotic methods for elastic structures, edited by Philippe G. Ciarlet, Luís Trabucho and Juan M. Viaño
Additional book information: edited by Philippe G. Ciarlet, Luís Trabucho and Juan M. Viaño, de Gruyter, New York, 1995, viii+297 pp., $128.95
MSC (1991): Primary 73-06, 73K05, 73K10, 73K15, 73V25

Reviewed by: Richard S. Falk

Handbook on splines for the user, by Eugene V. Shikin and Alexander I. Plis
Additional book information: CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1995, xii+221 pp., $69.95
MSC (1991): Primary 65-00, 65-04, 41-00, 41-04, 41A15

Reviewed by: Ewald Quak
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics\ Texas A & M University\ College Station, TX 77843-3368

A primer for the Monte Carlo method, by Ilya M. Sobol'
Additional book information: CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1994, xx+107 pp., $41.95, softcover
MSC (1991): Primary 65-01, 65C05, 65C10

Reviewed by: Harald Niederreiter

An introduction to scientific, symbolic, and graphical computation, by Eugene Fiume
Additional book information: A K Peters, Wellesley, MA, 1995, xvi+306 pp., $49.95
MSC (1991): Primary 65-01, 68-01, 68U05

Reviewed by: Daniel W. Lozier

High performance computing---Problem solving with parallel and vector architectures, edited by Gary W. Sabot
Additional book information: edited by Gary W. Sabot, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1995, xvi+246 pp., $45.14
MSC (1991): Primary 65-02, 65Yxx

Reviewed by: Elias N. Houstis
Affiliation: Department of Computer Sciences\ Purdue University\ West Lafayette, IN 47907-1398

LAPACK Users' guide, by E. Anderson, Z. Bai, C. Bischof, J. Demmel, J. Dongarra, J. du Croz, A. Greenbaum, S. Hammarling, A. McKenney, S. Ostrouchov and second edition D. Sorensen
Additional book information: SIAM, Philadelphia, PA, 1995, xx+325 pp., $28.50, softcover
MSC (1991): Primary 65F05, 65F15, 65F20, 65F35, 65Y05, 65Y20, 65Y99

Reviewed by: Xiao-Chuan Cai
Affiliation: Department of Computer Science\ University of Colorado\ Boulder, CO 80309

The Maple V handbook, by Martha L. Abell and James P. Braselton
Additional book information: AP Professional, Boston, MA, 1994, viii+726 pp., $39.95, softcover
MSC (1991): Primary 00A20, 68Q40

Reviewed by: Douglas B. Meade
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics\ University of South Carolina\ Columbia, SC 29208

Arithmetic of algebraic curves, by Serguei A. Stepanov
Translated by Irene Aleksanova

Additional book information: Monographs in Contemporary Mathematics, Consultants Bureau, New York, 1994, xiv+422 pp., $115.00
MSC (1991): Primary 11-02, 11Gxx

Reviewed by: F. Beukers
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics\ University of Utrecht\ Budapestlaan 6\ 3508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands