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Current Issue: 06  2015  Volume 62  Issue 06 
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In this double issue, we offer a fascinating snapshot of contemporary mathematical life. First there is an article by Hyman Bass, taken from the book I, Mathematician, recounting his professional development as a scholar. Next, there is an article by Krishnaswami Alladi and Gabriela Asli Rino Nesin on the Nesin Mathematics Village in Turkey. We also include an article by John Friedlander about the stunning work of Yitang Zhang on bounded gaps in the prime numbers. There is an article by Jessica Deshler et al. examining the development of graduate student teaching assistants, and, finally, we include a memorial article for the distinguished topologist Mary Ellen Rudin.—Steven G. Krantz, Editor

Memories of Mary Ellen Rudin

Georgia Benkart, Mirna Džamonja and Judith Roitman

(pp. 617-629)
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Mathematics and Teaching

Hyman Bass

(pp. 630-636)
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Professional Development in Teaching for Mathematics Graduate Students

Jessica M. Deshler, Shandy Hauk and Natasha Speer

(pp. 638-643)
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2014—2015 Faculty Salaries Report
William Yslas Vélez, James W. Maxwell and Colleen A. Rose

The Nesin Mathematics Village in Turkey
Krishnaswami Alladi and Gabriela Asli Rino Nesin

Prime Numbers: A Much Needed Gap Is Finally Found
John Friedlander

What is new in LaTeX? VII. The STIX Math Symbols
G. Grätzer

Nash and Nirenberg Awarded Abel Prize
Elaine Kehoe



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