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From the Editor

March brings an intriguing examination of universal statistical behaviors by Ivan Corwin; the first of our two-part tribute to Alexandre Grothendieck; some fanciful history by Jeremy Gray; a Doceamus column on why teaching matters; an insider’s look at I.M. Gelfand’s famous seminar, and much more—right up to the Back Page, which features a new installment of the Notices’ original “My TA” comic strip, responded to by the new “My Professor” comic strip in the Graduate Student section. You can post general comments and suggestions for this and future issues below. —Frank Morgan, Editor-in-Chief


From the AMS Secretary


Graduate Students

March 2016
Volume 63 · Issue 03

20 Years Ago in The Notices

"Downsizing at Rochester", by Allyn Jackson (Notices, April 1995). A watershed moment for the math community occurred when the University of Rochester administration tried to axe its math PhD program.

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