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Eigenoscillations of mechanical systems with boundary conditions containing the frequency

Authors: B. P. Belinskiy and J. P. Dauer
Journal: Quart. Appl. Math. 56 (1998), 521-541
MSC: Primary 34B24; Secondary 34L10, 34L15, 73D30, 73K05
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1090/qam/1637056
MathSciNet review: MR1637056
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Abstract: The problem of eigenoscillations of beam-mass systems is investigated and four examples are developed. For such systems the corresponding Sturm-Liouville problems contain the eigenvalue parameter in the boundary conditions. It is shown that the eigenfunctions for the systems considered form a basis of the appropriate Hilbert space. Rayleigh-Ritz formulas are also developed. Some lower bound estimations for eigenfrequencies are also found.

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