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Algebraic particular integrals, integrability and the problem of the center

Author: Dana Schlomiuk
Journal: Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 338 (1993), 799-841
MSC: Primary 34C05; Secondary 58F14
MathSciNet review: 1106193
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Abstract: In this work we clarify the global geometrical phenomena corresponding to the notion of center for plane quadratic vector fields. We first show the key role played by the algebraic particular integrals of degrees less than or equal to three in the theory of the center: these curves control the changes in the systems as parameters vary. The bifurcation diagram used to prove this result is realized in the natural topological space for the situation considered, namely the real four-dimensional projective space. Next, we consider the known four algebraic conditions for the center for quadratic vector fields. One of them says that the system is Hamiltonian, a condition which has a clear geometric meaning. We determine the geometric meaning of the remaining other three algebraic conditions (I), (II), (III). We show that a quadratic system with a weak focus $ F$, possessing algebraic particular integrals not passing through $ F$ of the following types, satisfies in some coordinate axes the condition (I), (II) or (III) respectively and hence has a center at $ F$: either a parabola and an irreducible cubic particular integral having only one point at infinity, coinciding with the one of the parabola; or a straight line and an irreducible conic curve; or distinct straight lines (possibly with complex coefficients). We show that each one of these geometric properties is generic for systems satisfying the corresponding algebraic condition for the center. Another version of this result in terms of real algebraic curves is given. These results make clear the many facets of the problem of the center in the quadratic case, in particular the question of integrability and form a basis for analogous investigations for the general problem of the center for cubic systems.

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Keywords: Algebraic particular integral, constant of motion, center, bifurcation, polynomial system, quadratic system
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