Math ImageryThe connection between mathematics and art goes back thousands of years. Mathematics has been used in the design of Gothic cathedrals, Rose windows, oriental rugs, mosaics and tilings. Geometric forms were fundamental to the cubists and many abstract expressionists, and award-winning sculptors have used topology as the basis for their pieces. Dutch artist M.C. Escher represented infinity, Möbius bands, tessellations, deformations, reflections, Platonic solids, spirals, symmetry, and the hyperbolic plane in his works.

Mathematicians and artists continue to create stunning works in all media and to explore the visualization of mathematics--origami, computer-generated landscapes, tesselations, fractals, anamorphic art, and more.

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"Perspective Sphere," by Dick A. Termes (Artist, Spearfish, SD)

Acrylics on Polyethylene sphere, 10" diameter sphere, 2008. The "Perspective Sphere" is the story of perspective. It shows a 360 degrees in all directions cityscape which is organized with a six point perspective system. This means, every line drawn on the sphere makes a greater circle and every cubical building projects to all six vanishing points which are equally spread around the sphere. This piece also shows examples within the spherical painting of a one point perspective, a two, three, four, five and six point perspective. All are sectioned off with the use of color. "I paint what are called Termespheres. These are inside out total worlds that are painted on spheres that hang and rotate from ceiling motors. These spherical paintings show you up, down and all around environments. Some are interiors of famous buildings and some are outside scene, some are also geometric studies and others are subconscious worlds that I imagine are around me. Most of these explore a six point perspective system which I find to be more true than any of the other systems of perspective. This is my 40th year of exploring work like this on the spherical canvas. I feel this exploration has opened up a new way to see the world and its geometry tells me it is more than just art. I think it connects with math very well." --- Dick A. Termes (Artist, Spearfish, SD)

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