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  • Your department's MathJobs administrator is able to register faculty for access to MathJobs.Org. Check with your MathJobs administrator if you have not been registered yet.
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You will also have two additional options: turn off caching and save my login. The default is neither.

  • To log in, go to the link on the main MathJobs.Org page under the Login subheader . Enter the Email Address and password that you supplied to your MathJobs administrator at registration time.
  • You can turn off caching if you need extra security. This will prevent any of your MathJobs pages from being stored on your computer. This would also mean that you could not utilize the Back button on your browser, since your previous pages would have not been stored for you.
  • Remember me? will save your login information for future sessions, so that you will not need to enter your login information again.
      Getting Started

You will be on the List page once you have logged into Mathjobs.Org. The actions available to you are presented as *links* across the top of the page.

Following are steps that most departments will want to take as they get started:

  • Review and rate your applications

    The List link is where you review and rate the applications for your positions. For more details, see List on the User Guide page.

  • Print materials

    Print an application by clicking on the applicant name in the List link or after utilizing the Search link. For more details, see List, Search on the User Guide page.

  • Dashboard

    Use the Dashboard/Toolbar icon in the top corner to pull up a list of commonly used function.

  • Experiment to learn more

    Never enter TEST data into the "real" MathJobs. It is often impossible to delete such data. You will want to use the DEMO VERSION of MathJobs for this.

    To try out all the features of the MathJobs.Org system without worry of having to later undo your experiments, utilize the MathJobs DEMO Server, which is accessible from the MathJobs.Org homepage. You can login in as different users (see the main page there for login info), but please do not enter any real data there.

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