Using the  SEARCH  option
      Searching the applicants to your positions

While you are in any of the MathJobs options (except for the Jobs Wanted Listing), clicking on the "Search" link will bring up a window similar to the one below.

Here you can search applicants that have applied for at least one of your jobs. Let's look more closely at both the simple and sophisticated searches that you are able to make.

Many of the labeled search text boxes and selections are self-explanatory. Let's examine the more complex search items here:  
      Searching publicly available applicants, the "Job Wanted" list

If you had selected the link option Wanted, and from the Job Wanted Listing page, you select the Search option, you will get a somewhat shorter search page. Here you can search all publicly available applicants.

  • The same search rules apply here as in the section above.
  • The Research Interests section has a few subcategories:
    • Primary is where you can search the applicants by primary area of research.
    • All is where you can search the applicants by all areas of research (e.g., primary, secondary, etc.).
    • OR search primary by range is where you can search the applicants by more than one primary area of research. You may specify a range if those areas are grouped consecutively, or by single number. The necessary numbers are listed next to each area in the Primary drop-down box above. For example, you could designate the numbers associated with those areas in the format: 11-14,42,49
      Some advanced Search commands

There are also other rules for searching, if you happen to be searching for particular non-character data. All options currently available are detailed at the top of the search screen.