Using the  FORUMS  option

Clicking on the "Forums" link will bring up a window where you will click on the link for the Forum that corresponds to your login type.

You will be then be in your Forum. By default, any Forum messages will be ordered by thread . A thread is a collection of messages. It consists of an initial message and all the responses and comments for the initial message. You can also order the Forum messages by date by clicking on the [date] link. To re-order the messages by thread, click on the [thread] link.

Clicking on the [new] link will bring up a screen similar to the one below:

At the Adding New Message form, you can post a message to this Forum.

  • Subject is where you enter the subject of your Forum message.
  • At Category, select one of the buttons, which best describes the category this message belongs to: question, answer, bug, tip, idea, or comment .
  • The Message section gives you a text box. Type your Forum message into this text box.
  • Click the checkbox next to post it anonymously if you wish to withhold your identity. If you are a departmental MathJobs admin or a registered faculty member, you will also see a checkbox for for this department only here. Check this if you want your Forum posting to be available only to registered members of your department.



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