Using the  LABELS  option

Clicking on the "Labels" link will bring up a window similar to the one below.

The "Labels" form on this page allows you to download selected applicant information, to be used in a Mail Merge capable program like MS Word to print out folder labels, mailing labels, spreadsheets, or lists. Let's see how to do this...

    • On the left hand side of the page you'll see a scrollbox with Select fields to retrieve. All applicant information in the MathJobs database is associated with the fields listed in this scrollbox. (e.g., an applicant's last name is associated with the field "LastName".) Scroll through this list of fields and select the one(s) you want by clicking to highlight. On a PC, you can select multiple fields by holding down the Ctrl key while you're clicking. On an Apple, you want to hold down the apple key while clicking to make multiple selections.
    • To the right of the scrollbox, you will make your criteria selections:


      1. First is use previous search criteria. If you would like to download data for only a subset of your applicants, first select them using the Search screen. Then come here to the "Labels" screen and check "use previous search criteria". The subset produced will remain the same until you do another Search.


      2. Next is your Download criteria. When the "Labels" form on this page is used to download applicants, the system will mark those applicants as "processed". (Applicants can also be marked as processed from the "List" option when you List an individual applicant and check the Processed? checkbox.)


        • If you click only new, you will only retrieve those applicants that haven't been marked as processed.
        • Choosing all selected applicants will retrieve those applicants marked as selected. (detailed in the Mark selected as section below.)
        • Clicking the received since [designated date] button will allow you to retrieve all applications that have been received since the date that you've typed into the small date box. You must enter the desired received since date in the format: YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD, YY-MM-DD, or YY/MM/DD.
      3. Mark selected as is the next item. This feature will work with those applicants previously selected, either from the Search screen, or by using the only new or received since buttons on this screen.


        • Selecting processed will mark this group of selected applicants as "processed" as this download transaction takes place.
        • Clicking on not processed will mark this selected group as "not processed".
        • The last button, no change, will not change the processing status of those applicants selected.
      4. Sort result by will sort the results of your search and download by name or receiving date.
      • Remember that you can always email a group of applicants by using the Mail screen!


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