Using the  NEWS  option

Clicking on the "News" link will bring up the window below.

A news item you add here will display on the MathJobs homepage of each person in the selected group. This tool can be used to send news within your hiring group or to a certain set of your applicants. News items can be edited from your main page after submission.

Let's examine how to create a news item:

  • News For is where you will select the group you want your news distributed to.


    • Login type has a dropdown box, where you select which type of group you want to broadcast your news item to. This group type is based on the role you have in the MathJobs system.
    • Group is the department or company your login type belongs to.
    • Job applied has a list of your jobs in the dropdown box. Select one of these when you want to broadcast news to applicants to a particular position.
  • Subject is where you put the subject of your news item.
  • At Message, just type in the body of your message.
  • Dates is where the beginning and end dates for your new items are specified. You must enter the desired ending date in the format: YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD, YY-MM-DD, or YY/MM/DD. Your item will no longer appear after that date.



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