Using the  STATUS  option

If you have applied for any jobs, you will automatically be brought to the status screen each time you login to MathJobs.Org if any of your job applications are incomplete. Logging onto MathJobs, or clicking on the "Status" link will bring up the Application Status window, similar to the one below.


Any institutions that you applied to for a position will be listed here, with the position you applied to. ...Let's take a closer look at what is available here:

  • If you have not submitted all required items for any applications, there will be a notification regarding your Incomplete status in red text when the Status webpage is displayed (shown above.)

    An application will not be marked as Incomplete if the missing item is a reference marked as using "Postal mail" instead of email. In addition, your application will not show any missing items if the Employer tags the application as Complete.

  • Clicking on the name of the department will bring up your application to that department.
  • Check to see which reference letters have been received for your application by looking for submission information next to each reference writer's name. The references that have been submitted will be listed in the References section, about 2/3 of the way down the page.
  • To the right of each reference is Date Received, where a date will be listed only if the reference letter has been received.
  • This Date Received item will be your indication as to whether the department has received a reference letter from this listed reference.
  • Note that receipt of references sent through the U.S. mail will not be acknowledged here, unless that department's MathJobs admin has entered a "U.S. Mail" notation manually.
    1. If the employer has marked your application as Complete, you will see "Application Complete" on the right side toward the bottom of the screen.
    2. At the top of this application, to the right of Address is a PDF link, which will allow you to bring up this page in PDF format to view or print out.
  • The individual jobs you have applied for will be listed below the department name.
    1. At the left in brackets is the job acronym label link for each position (e.g., "RAP" in the example window above.) If your AMS cover sheet has not been filled out or is not complete, you will be prompted to fulfill that requirement when you click on this link. You will also be able to submit required materials from your portfolio items, if you have already uploaded those items to your portfolio. If you have not submitted those items yet, go to the Portfolio link (in the header or footer of the page) when you are ready to submit any of those required portfolio items.
    2. Next to the job acronym is the position title (e.g., "Research Assistant Professor" in the example window above.) Clicking here brings up a page which lists the description and requirements of the position, as well as allowing you to apply to that position, to "mark" it, and to submit required portfolio items. Refer to items #5-7 in the documentation on the Jobs page for more details.
    3. After the position title is text indicating the status of your application. You are notified whether your application is complete, and, if not, what is needed. Note that once the employer marks your application as Complete, no items will be listed as missing on this line.

      To submit a missing item, you may click on the position title> and use the green-arrow folder to access an upload box. Please note: All uploads are also saved in your portfolio.


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