A sample reference letter request email message:

From:    MathJobs.Org <mathjobs@ams.org>
To:      ref@email.address.edu
Subject: Reference Letter Request'

To: FirstName LastName <ref@email.address.edu>
Date: 2016-07-14

This is an automated message from the MathJobs.Org:


sent at the request of *John Smith* <smith@email.address.edu>, 
who is applying for jobs using this database service and is asking you
to upload reference letters. To upload your reference letters, please go 
to the web page mentioned above and login with your email address 
ref@email.address.edu and your previously chosen password by clicking on the 
"...as Writer of reference letters" link under the 
"Login to MathJobs.Org" section. If you do not remember your 
password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the reference
writer login page to get a new one. 

	[ If the writer is new to the system, the last part of the above paragraph
	will be: ....  ref@email.address.edu and the password HCjPyjRp by clicking on the 
	"...as Writer of reference letters" link under the 
	"Login to MathJobs.Org" section. ]

Alternatively, you can avoid the whole login process by simply visiting
the following URL in your Web browser within one month after receiving
this email and uploading your letters in one easy step:
After uploading your letters, please click on the "Logout" link to logout.
Please note that, for security reason, using this URL will activate it
for one week. After a week of inactivity, the link will no longer work
and a login or a new url will be necessary.

If you prefer to let someone else, either your secretary or a departmental
staff person, to upload your letters on your behalf, you can set that
person as your proxy by logging in as yourself once at the URL above 
and clicking on the 'proxy' link there near the bottom of the page.

After login, click on the following link to see the jobs
this applicant has applied:
You may submit letters tailored for some selected employers, and/or 
a generic letter for all employers. You only need to submit a generic
letter once. Reference letters can be submit anytime at your own
convenience; and they are strictly confidential, accessible only by those
designated employers to which the applicant has applied or will be
applying. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

Thank you.