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For essential information for our reviewers, please see detailed information about the Mathematical Reviews Database.

MathSciNet® is an electronic publication offering access to a carefully maintained and easily searchable database of reviews, abstracts and bibliographic information for much of the mathematical sciences literature. Over 100,000 new items are added each year, most of them classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification.  Authors are uniquely identified (by their MR Author ID), enabling a search for publications by individual author rather than by name string. Continuing in the tradition of the paper publication, Mathematical Reviews (MR), which was first published in 1940, expert reviewers are selected by a staff of professional mathematicians to write reviews of the current published literature; over 80,000 reviews are added to the database each year. Extending the MR tradition, MathSciNet® contains almost 3 million items and over 1.7 million direct links to original articles. Bibliographic data from retrodigitized articles dates back to the early 1800s. Reference lists are collected and matched internally from approximately 550 journals, and citation data for journals, authors, articles and reviews is provided.  This web of citations allows users to track the history and influence of research publications in the mathematical sciences.

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For the history of MathSciNet® versions please see the What's New Archive.

Searching in MathSciNet®

The home page has tabs for searching the five main areas of the database. These tabs are as follows.

Publications searches the review database and returns bibliographic data, reviews and (when available) linked reference lists for article and book listings.

Authors searches the author database and returns authors identified uniquely according to their publications as well as a listing of name variations.
To help identify an individual, there is now a sample publication visible by sliding the cursor over an icon.  This publication is either a frequently cited or a recently published item. 
Once an author is selected, one may view the author/related publications, do a publications search with the author automatically entered in the author search field, find coauthors or collaboration distances and make a link to all of  an author's MathSciNet® listings.

Journals searches the MR journal database and  returns a journal or list of journals with links to bibliographic information, publisher websites, and issues listed in MathSciNet®.

Author Citations returns up to 10 items ordered by the number of matched references in MathSciNet® reference lists.

Journal Citations returns information about citations to the journal of interest based on matched reference lists from MathSciNet®.

The four tabs on the Free Tools page are the following:

Search MSC offers a search of the Mathematics Subject Classification scheme.
Collaboration Distance finds a shortest publications-path between two authors.
Current Journals lists those journals indexed in MathSciNet® within the past six weeks.
Current Publications offers a search for books and articles reviewed or indexed within the past six months.

The current version of MathSciNet® is best when viewed with modern browsers. It should function as designed in Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, Firefox, Safari/312 and above, and Opera 8 and above. The core functionality is available in older browsers.

Site information

Mirror sites in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Strasbourg, France; Bonn, Germany; Bielefeld, Germany; and a second U.S. site in Houston, Texas, enable alternative access. Expanded access to MathSciNet® via these mirror sites allows users to choose the site that offers them the best performance. 

Current coverage

A list of the serials and journals from which bibliographic data is currently being added to the database is available as a PDF file or in CSV file for Excel. See the MR Editorial Statement for a fuller description of the scope of the database.

Copyright information

All abstracts (summaries) included in the Mathematical Reviews Database are, to the best knowledge of the American Mathematical Society, the work of the respective authors of the abstracted articles (or of substitutes accepted by the authors). As such, they are copyrighted in the same manner as the articles themselves and we refer the users of each of the publication formats (e.g. Mathematical Reviews and MathSciNet®) of the Mathematical Reviews Database to the journals in which those articles appear for further information concerning copyright ownership.

Tools for creating reference links to MathSciNet®

MRef and MRlookup are tools for verifying and creating standard references with links to MathSciNet®.  For information on creating direct links to individual MathSciNet® records, see MathSciNet® Getitem.  In a similar manner, authors can create links to the full collection of their listings using the Make Links tool.

For reviewers

The Guide for Reviewers gives guidelines on content and style of reviews as well as instructions for submitting reviews.  Reviews may easily be submitted via the Review Submissions webpage.

Learn more about MathSciNet® from the MathSciNet® Help files and from the MR Database page.

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