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The Author Database and the MR Author Profile Search

The MR Database of over 3 million articles and books in the mathematical sciences contains within it a database of authors in the mathematical sciences: the MR Author Database. This database contains aggregate information about mathematicians back to the founding of Mathematical Reviews in 1940, and in certain cases further back in time. The MR Author Profile Search allows you to freely search this database of authors to find the freely available version of the MR Author Profile of that author. (The complete version is found in MathSciNet.) This search can be useful if the journal to which you are submitting a paper to asks for your MR Author ID, as this is displayed in the Author Profile. This can also be useful if you wish to personalize you Author Profile page and you do not have access to MathSciNet.

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Enter search criteria

Initially the cursor is in the blank text input box below Author Name. Enter your search criteria. Following are some guidelines to keep in mind when entering a name in an MR Author Profile search:

  • MathSciNet searches are not case-sensitive.
  • Names should be input in the form:
    • <last name>, <first name> <middle name(s)>|<initial(s)>
    • A comma must be used to separate last and first names.
  • The wildcard character is the asterisk (*) and may be used anywhere within the name string to broaden the search. However, if it is used at the beginning, it is ignored. In first names the wildcard is implicit.

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Activate the search

Once the desired search string has been entered, click the Search button or use the <Enter> key. If there are three or fewer matches for the search string, they are displayed as a list with the title and date of the most recent publication indexed in MathSciNet for each. If there are more than three matches a new search box is displayed, in which keywords contained in titles of published works may be entered, in order to narrow the results to three or fewer authors. For example, entering "Hilbert" in the box produces more than 3 matches, and thus no results. Entering "foundations" into the Title Keywords box that then opens results in the single match:

Hilbert, David1

Grundlagen der Mathematik. I/Foundations of mathematics. I. Part A.
Prefaces and §§1–2.  2011

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MR Author Profile page content

The publicly available version of an MR Author Profile contains the following elements:

  1. The profile name of the author, as it appears in the MR Author Database.
  2. Any personalization elements that have been added, as described below.
  3. The MR Author ID.
  4. The year of the earliest publication indexed in MathSciNet.
  5. A link to a freely available MathSciNet Collaboration Distance calculation.  This is a generalization of  the Erdős number calculation, offering the shortest path between any two authors in the collaboration graph, where the nodes in the graph are authors in the MR Author Database and the edges in the graph are co-authored papers indexed in the Mathematical Reviews Database.
  6. A link to the author’s page in the Mathematics Genealogy Project (MGP), if there is one.
  7. A publications cloud, in which the indexed publications of the author are highlighted using the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC2010), with size varying by frequency.
  8. A co-author cloud, in which the Top 5 co-authors of the given author are given, with size varying by frequency.  These names are linked to the freely available MR Author ID.

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Personalization of your MR Author Profile helps to further identify you, and it can create new channels of communication with people interested in your work. Your own MR Author Profile can be personalized in 4 ways:

  1. Picture
  2. Full name in native script
  3. Contact email address
  4. Personal URL
You may enter any or all of these personalization elements.  To personalize your Profile page, click the blue Edit Author Profile link at the upper right.  Log into your account on the AMS site.  If you do not already have an AMS account, you may create one by following this link.

Upload a picture

The Upload a picture link allows you to select a picture from your computer or device.  The accepted formats are GIF, TIFF, JPG, and PNG.

Full name in native script

You may enter your name in any script encoded in UTF-8.  A typical way to obtain your name encoded in UTF-8 is to copy it from a web page, such as your own personal page.  Two examples are displayed in the text box prior to data entry: a name in Chinese characters and a name in Cyrillic characters.

Contact email address

You may enter your email address in the box provided.

Personal website

You may enter the URL of your own personal page, or a page that is relevant to the work that you do.


When you have entered all the personalization elements desired, click the blue Save button in the middle of the page.  Click Cancel if you want to exit editing mode without saving.  You may return at any time to add, modify, or delete personalization elements.  Note that you may only personalize your own profile.

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Citing your MR Author Profile page

The URL that points to an MR Author Profile page is of the form<MR Author ID Number>

For example, the link to David Hilbert’s page is:

If someone who has access to MathSciNet clicks this link, they are taken to the full author profile in MathSciNet.  Everyone else is taken to the freely available short version of your MR Author Profile.

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The unique author identification underlying the Author Database is very reliable, but there can be misidentifications. Inconsistencies or errors in author data should be brought to the attention of MathSciNet Support for correction.

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