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Following is a list of the most significant changes in Cyrillic transliteration made in 1983, with examples of names.

Old New Old New
c          ts           Ce\u\i tlin, A. A Tse\u\i tlin, A. A.
\v c  ch Mar\v cenko, V. M.   Marchenko, V. M.
h kh Homenko, N. P. Khomenko, N. P.
ja ya Kazarjan, G. G.     Kazaryan, G. G.
ju yu Grigor\cprime ev, Ju. N. Grigor\cprime ev, Yu. N.  
\v s sh Ger\v sunov, E. M Gershunov, E. M.
\v s\v c shch Mi\v s\v cenko, A. S. Mishchenko, A. S.
\v z zh   \v Zikov, V. V.    Zhikov, V. V.

Note: When doing a search, you may use TeX-coded accents in names or not, as you choose (e.g., you may search on either Ceitlin or Ce\u\i tlin; the result will be the same)

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