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ISSN 2167-5163
MSC results for "13"
13 (1959-now) Commutative algebra
13-00 (1973-now) General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.)
13-01 (1973-now) Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)
13-02 (1973-now) Research exposition (monographs, survey articles)
13-03 (1973-now) Historical (must also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 01)
13-04 (1973-now) Explicit machine computation and programs (not the theory of computation or programming)
13-06 (1973-now) Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc.
13A (1973-now) General commutative ring theory
13B (1973-now) Ring extensions and related topics
13C (1973-now) Theory of modules and ideals
13D (1973-now) Homological methods [For noncommutative rings, see 16Exx; for general categories, see 18Gxx]
13E (1973-now) Chain conditions, finiteness conditions
13F (1973-now) Arithmetic rings and other special rings
13G (1973-now) Integral domains
13H (1973-now) Local rings and semilocal rings
13J (1973-now) Topological rings and modules [See also 16W60, 16W80]
13K (1973-1999) Witt rings and related rings
13L (1973-now) Applications of logic to commutative algebra [See also 03Cxx, 03Hxx]
13M (1980-now) Finite commutative rings [For number-theoretic aspects, see 11Txx]
13N (1991-now) Differential algebra [See also 12H05, 14F10]
13P (1991-now) Computational aspects and applications [See also 14Qxx, 68W30]
13.00 (1959-1972) General
13.10 (1959-1972) General theory
13.15 (1959-1972) Integral domains, unique factorization domains
13.20 (1959-1972) Ideal theory
13.25 (1959-1972) Chain conditions; Artinian rings, Noetherian rings
13.30 (1959-1972) Radical theory
13.40 (1959-1972) Modules, representation
13.50 (1959-1972) Structure, classification
13.60 (1959-1972) Automorphisms, derivations
13.70 (1959-1972) Galois theory
13.80 (1959-1972) Extension theory
13.90 (1959-1972) Homological methods
13.93 (1959-1972) Rings of polynomials, formal power series
13.95 (1959-1972) Local rings
13.98 (1959-1972) Valuations [See also 12.70]
13.99 (1959-1972) None of the above, but in this section
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