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ISSN 2167-5163
MSC results for "65"
65 (1940-now) Numerical analysis
65-00 (1973-now) General reference works (handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.)
65-01 (1973-now) Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)
65-02 (1973-now) Research exposition (monographs, survey articles)
65-03 (1973-now) Historical (must also be assigned at least one classification number from Section 01)
65-04 (1973-now) Explicit machine computation and programs (not the theory of computation or programming)
65-05 (1991-now) Experimental papers
65-06 (1973-now) Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc.
65A (1973-now) Tables
65B (1973-now) Acceleration of convergence
65C (1973-now) Probabilistic methods, simulation and stochastic differential equations [For theoretical aspects, see 68U20 and 60H35]
65D (1973-now) Numerical approximation and computational geometry (primarily algorithms) [For theory, see 41-XX and 68Uxx]
65E (1973-now) Numerical methods in complex analysis (potential theory, etc.) [For numerical methods in conformal mapping, see also 30C30]
65F (1973-now) Numerical linear algebra
65G (1980-now) Error analysis and interval analysis
65H (1973-now) Nonlinear algebraic or transcendental equations
65J (1980-now) Numerical analysis in abstract spaces
65K (1980-now) Mathematical programming, optimization and variational techniques
65L (1973-now) Ordinary differential equations
65M (1973-now) Partial differential equations, initial value and time-dependent initial-boundary value problems
65N (1973-now) Partial differential equations, boundary value problems
65P (1973-now) Numerical problems in dynamical systems [See also 37Mxx]
65Q (1973-now) Difference and functional equations, recurrence relations
65R (1980-now) Integral equations, integral transforms
65S (1973-now) Graphical methods
65T (1991-now) Numerical methods in Fourier analysis
65U (1980-1999) Numerical methods in probability and statistics
65V (1980-1990) Automated algorithms
65W (1985-1990) Parallel computation
65Y (1991-now) Computer aspects of numerical algorithms
65Z (2010-now) Applications to physics
65.00 (1959-1972) General
65.05 (1959-1972) Tables, construction of tables
65.0 (1940-1958) Numerical analysis
65.10 (1959-1972) General mathematical methods: iteration, acceleration of convergence, numerical experiments
65.15 (1959-1972) Monte Carlo methods
65.1 (1940-1958) Tables
65.20 (1959-1972) Interpolation, smoothing, least squares, curve fitting, approximation of functions
65.25 (1959-1972) Computation of special functions, series, integrals
65.2 (1940-1958) Graphical methods, nomography
65.30 (1959-1972) Mathematical programming and optimization techniques
65.33 (1959-1972) Linear inequalities
65.35 (1959-1972) Linear equations, determinants, matrices
65.3 (1940-1958) Numerical methods
65.40 (1959-1972) Eigenvalues, eigenvectors
65.49 (1959-1972) Numerical methods for variational problems and optimal control
65.50 (1959-1972) Solution of algebraic and transcendental equations and systems
65.55 (1959-1972) Numerical differentiation and integration, quadrature, cubature, etc.
65.60 (1959-1972) Ordinary differential equations, general
65.61 (1959-1972) Initial value problems
65.62 (1959-1972) Boundary value problems
65.65 (1959-1972) Partial differential equations, general
65.66 (1959-1972) Elliptic equations
65.67 (1959-1972) Hyperbolic equations
65.68 (1959-1972) Parabolic equations
65.70 (1959-1972) Difference and functional equations
65.75 (1959-1972) Integral and integro-differential equations
65.80 (1959-1972) Error analysis
65.82 (1959-1972) Miscellaneous inequalities
65.85 (1959-1972) Graphical methods
65.90 (1959-1972) Harmonic analysis and synthesis
65.99 (1959-1972) None of the above, but in this section
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