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ISSN 2167-5163
MSC results for "52B"
52 (1940-now) Convex and discrete geometry
52B (1991-now) Polytopes and polyhedra
52B05 (1991-now) Combinatorial properties (number of faces, shortest paths, etc.) [See also 05Cxx]
52B10 (1991-now) Three-dimensional polytopes
52B11 (1991-now) $n$-dimensional polytopes
52B12 (1991-now) Special polytopes (linear programming, centrally symmetric, etc.)
52B15 (1991-now) Symmetry properties of polytopes
52B20 (1991-now) Lattice polytopes (including relations with commutative algebra and algebraic geometry) [See also 06A11, 13F20, 13Hxx]
52B22 (2000-now) Shellability
52B30 (1991-1999) Arrangements of hyperplanes
52B35 (1991-now) Gale and other diagrams
52B40 (1991-now) Matroids (realizations in the context of convex polytopes, convexity in combinatorial structures, etc.) [See also 05B35, 52Cxx]
52B45 (1991-now) Dissections and valuations (Hilbert's third problem, etc.)
52B55 (1991-now) Computational aspects related to convexity [For computational geometry and algorithms, see 68Q25, 68U05; for numerical algorithms, see 65Yxx] [See also 68Uxx]
52B60 (1991-now) Isoperimetric problems for polytopes
52B70 (1991-now) Polyhedral manifolds
52B99 (1991-now) None of the above, but in this section
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