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AMS at MathFest 2009

AMS exhibit at MathFest 2009 AMS Membership area at MathFest 2009

The AMS exhibited books and public awareness materials, and met with longtime and new AMS members at the MathFest meeting in Portland, Oregon, August 6-8. Attendance at MAA's summer gathering topped 1500.

Among the books exhibited in the AMS booth were titles from the Student Mathematical Library series and numerous titles of general interest to faculty and students. Those shopping for books were delighted with the signed copies of Colin Adams' new book, Riot at the Calc Exam and Other Mathematically Bent Stories. Faculty and students alike visited the AMS exhibit, where the posters, calendars and gifts from Membership were very popular. Students showing their IDs enjoyed a free gift from the AMS.

Photographs by Diane Boumenot, Manager, Membership & Programs.