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IMA Conference on the Mathematical Challenges of Big Data

Month: December 2014

Date: December 16--17

Name: IMA Conference on the Mathematical Challenges of Big Data

Location: Woburn House, London, United Kingdom.


The Big Data Revolution is one of the main science and technology challenges of today. While this is multifaceted, mathematics is at the very core of the challenge - in ranking information from vast networks in web browsers such as Google, or identifying consumer preferences, loyalty, or even sentiment and making personalised recommendations, the very scale of big data makes automation necessary and this, in turn, necessarily relies on mathematical algorithms. The challenge is to derive value from signals buried in an avalanche of noise arising from challenging data volume, flow, and validity. The mathematical challenges are as varied as they are important. Whether searching for influential nodes in huge networks, segmenting graphs into meaningful communities, modelling uncertainties in health trends for individual patients, linking data bases with different levels of granularity in space and time, unbiased sampling, or connecting with infrastructure involving sensors, privacy protection.