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Dynamics on Moduli Spaces

Month: April 2015

Date: April 13--17

Name: Dynamics on Moduli Spaces

Location: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California.


The Research Workshop of the "Dynamics on moduli spaces of geometric structures" will concentrate on some of the following general interrelated themes: (1) Geometric structures on the spaces of geometric structures which extend and generalize classical constructions on Teichmüller metric and its geodesic flow, Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates, Fock-Goncharov Thurson-Penner coordinates, and the symplectic and Poisson geometries (2) Relations with harmonic maps, Riemann surfaces, complex geometry: specifically Higgs bundles, holomorphic differentials (quadratic, cubic, etc.) as parameters for representations of the fundamental group, hyperkähler and complex symplectic geometry of moduli spaces, lifts of Teichmüller geodesic flows to flat bundles of character varieties (3) Asymptotic properties of higher Teichmüller spaces, including generalized measured geodesic laminations, Culler-Morgan-Shalen group.