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MBI Workshop on Stem Cells, Development, and Cancer

Month: April 2015

Date: April 13--17

Name: MBI Workshop on Stem Cells, Development, and Cancer

Location: Mathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State University, Jennings Hall 3rd Floor, 1735 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio.


What is the relationship between normal tissue stem cells and tumor-initiating cells (e.g., cancer stem cells)? Which signaling and other regulatory networks are altered in tumors relative to the normal tissues, and how do they function within the tumor? Finally, there is growing evidence that therapies aimed at the major cell types in tumors may sometimes make things worse, by leading to an expansion in the fraction of cancer stem cells. How can this be avoided? This workshop will address these and other questions through discussions among mathematical and computational modelers and experimentalists. In particular, the strong connections between normal development, tumor growth and the use of novel treatment strategies will be discussed.

Information; phone: 614-292-3648.