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Computational Photography and Intelligent Cameras

Month: February 2015

Date: February 4--6

Name: Computational Photography and Intelligent Cameras

Location: Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), UCLA, Los Angeles, California.


Computational photography is a new area of computer graphics and vision, seeking to create new types of photographs and to allow photographers to acquire better images or images they never could observe before. This involves research into new software algorithms for fusing data from multiple images, video streams, or other types of sensors as well as into new hardware architectures for capturing the data needed for the software and numerical processing. Applications of computational photography paradigms include compressed sensing cameras, extended depth of field/refocussing, high dynamic range images, invertible motion blurs, and plenoptic cameras, and mathematics is an important tool for inventing and optimizing these new cameras. This workshop will serve as a gathering place for all those interested in theories, algorithms, methodologies, hardware designs, and experimental studies in computational photography.


Applications are due December 10, 2014. Consult the webpage for more information.