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3rd International Conference on "Graph Modelling in Engineering"

Month: June 2015

Date: June 22--24

Name: 3rd International Conference on "Graph Modelling in Engineering"

Location: University of Bielsko-Biala, Bielsko-Biala, Poland.


On behalf of Professor Józef Wojnarowski, the father of graph-based modelling of mechanical systems in Poland, we would like to invite you to participate in our conference.
Upon the initiative of Professor Józef Wojnarowski, discussed among the members of Polish Committee on TMM, we would like to continue the tradition of two previous conferences which had been organized by the Silesian TU in Gliwice in 1993 and 1999.


Of our conference is to unite the society of scientists whose works are dedicated to an application of graphs into mechanical engineering and related fields of knowledge.


The scope is wide but narrower than other conferences on mathematical modeling or industrial mathematics. It is dedicated to an application not only graph theory but also discrete mathematics, combinatorics, number theory, network theory and some other related disciplines of mathematics. The tools, methods, algorithms and structures of these fields of mathematics could be utilized in versatile areas of mechanical engineering, mechanics, mechatronics and connected engineer and industry related areas. The full scope of the conference is given in the adequate subpage.
In our opinion, the proposed scope gives a unique opportunity to join together all areas of graph-related applications which are usually considered separately as e.g., bond-graphs, Petri nets or graph grammars which, in fact, are closely and almost fully related to graph theory.
Please, take into consideration that our proposal is rare on the market of contemporary conferences interwining all possible graph-related science and technical applications. We do hope that rebirthing of such a forum would be fruitful for all participants.
Bielsko-Biala is an open, nice city with a multi-cultural, multi-nationality and multi-religious tradition which gives a friendly atmosphere for our meeting.