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Differential Geometry (DG)

Month: January 2016

Date: January 11--May 20

Name: Differential Geometry (DG)

Location: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA


Differential geometry is a subject with both deep roots and recent advances. Many old problems in the field have recently been solved, such as the Poincaré and geometrization conjectures by Perelman, the quarter pinching conjecture by Brendle-Schoen, the Lawson Conjecture by Brendle, and the Willmore Conjecture by Marques-Neves. The solutions of these problems have introduced a wealth of new techniques into the field. This semester-long program will focus on the following main themes: (1) Einstein metrics and generalizations, (2) Complex differential geometry, (3) Spaces with curvature bounded from below, (4) Geometric flows, and particularly on the deep connections between these areas.