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Theoretical Foundations for Statistical Network Analysis

Month: July 2016

Date: July 11--December 21

Name: Theoretical Foundations for Statistical Network Analysis

Location: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


The core of this 6-month programme is understanding and quantifying mathematical structure in network models. Networks are ubiquitous in modern science and society. In fact, whenever we observe entities and relationships between them, we have network data. The behaviour of almost all networks, natural or engineered, physical or information-based, involves a strong component of randomness and is typically not fully or directly observed. Considerable open challenges remain in proving properties both of generative mechanisms for such networks, as well as of methods for inference. This motivates the development of theoretical foundations for statistical network analysis. Several workshops will take place during the programme, including an opening, midterm and closing workshop, as well as a Satellite Meeting and an Open for Business industry day. For full details please see