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Geometric Flows in Riemannian and Complex Geometry

Month: May 2016

Date: May 2--6

Name: Geometric Flows in Riemannian and Complex Geometry

Location: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California.


The workshop will concentrate on parabolic methods in both Riemannian and complex geometry. The topics will include $\bullet$ Ricci flow. Analytic questions about Ricci flow in three dimensions. Possible applications of Ricci flow to 4-manifold topology. Ricci flow in higher dimensions under curvature assumptions. $\bullet$ Kähler-Ricci Flow. Applications to the Kähler-Einstein problem. Connections to the minimal model program. Study of Kähler-Ricci solitons and limits of Kähler-Ricci flow. $\bullet$ Mean curvature flow. Singularity analysis. Generic mean curvature flow. $\bullet$ Other geometric flows such as Calabi flow and pluriclosed flow.