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1994 Minneapolis Mathfest
Minneapolis, MN, August 15-18, 1994
Meeting #894

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS
Kenneth A Ross, MAA

Invited Addresses

  • George E. Andrews, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, The well-poised thread: Some amazing sums of Gauss, Kummer, Ramanujan and others.
  • Pamela J. Drummond,, Generating enthusiasm while pursuing equity in mathematics.
  • Cameron McA. Gordon, University of Texas, Austin, Knots.
  • Carole B. Lacampagne, U. S. Department of Education, Washington, DC, Reform in mathematics education: New or simply a variation on an old theme?
  • Pierre Louis Lions, Universit\'e de Paris IX, France, On Boltzmann's equation and its applications. Part I.
  • Kenneth A. Ribet, University of California, Berkeley, Galois representations and modular forms.

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