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Undergraduate Student Poster Awards at the 2004 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Aaron Arvey (Claremont McKenna College); David Nicholls
Periodic and asymptotically periodic solutions of first order ordinary differential equations. Advisor: Dr. M. Martelli (Claremont McKenna College).

Melissa Banister (Harvey Mudd College); Jonathon Chaika; William Meyerson
On factorization properties of congruence monoids. Advisor: Dr. S. Chapman (Trinity University)

Christopher Bay (Truman State University)
When lines go bad: a study in the Hausdorff metric geometry. Advisor: Dr. S. Schlicker (Grand Valley State University)

Kristen Cheman (Allegheny College)
The Zariski topology on Spec(R). Advisor: Dr. C. Werner (Allegheny College)

Federico Chialvo (University of Arizona); Matt Buyum
A connected sum operation on maximally connected planar graphs and colorability. Advisors: Drs. P.S. Jayawant and V. L. Watts (University of Arizona)

Michael Coleman (Boston University); Erin Haller; Heather Griffin; Christopher Kim; Sidharth Rupani
Modeling iBOT belt dynamics. Advisor: Dr. S. Weekes (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

Cassondra Fett (Bemidji State University)
The effects of student-teacher ratio and its interactions on performance in high school. Advisor: Dr. C. Castillo-Chávez (Arizona State University)

Bryson Finklea (St. John's College); Zachary Turner; Terri Moore
Counting minimal zero sequences in finite abelian groups. Advisor: Dr. V. Ponomarenko (Trinity University)

Heather Flores (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Edgar Lobaton; Stefan Mendez-Diez
A study of bacterial flagellar bundling. Advisor: Dr. R. Cortez (Tulane University)

Erika Frugoni (Loyola Marymount University)
Counting quadratic forms of ranks one and two. Advisor: Dr. D. Stephenson (Hope College)

Karen Herman; Chad Gonzáles; David Murillo
Change in host behavior and its impact on the co-evolution of dengue. Advisors: Castillo-Chávez (Arizona State University); Dr. F. Sánchez (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Molly Kelton (Vassar College)
Sink habitats can alter ecological outcomes for competing species. Advisor: Dr. S.J. Schreiber (The College of William and Mary)

Jean Kongpinda (Wabash College); Vanessa Tavares; Javier Rojo<
Gene expression data and patient survival time. Advisor: N/A.

Melissa Kraus (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo); Siu Leung Fong
A conjecture on homogeneous ideals. Advisor: Dr B. Richert (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)

Steven Lettieri (Montclair State University)
Cellular automata. Advisor: Dr. D. Thomas (Montclair State University)

Kari Lock (Williams College)
Making best approximates appear through magical intervals. Advisor: Dr. E. Burger (Williams College)

Laura Lynch (Florida Atlantic University Honors College)
Generalizations of the heawood graph and their properties. Advisor: Dr. S. Wilson (Northern Arizona University)

Aaron Magid (Williams College)
Finding totally geodesic surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Advisor: Dr. C.C. Adams (Williams College)

Karola Meszaros (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Classification of all genus one circle trees. Advisor: Dr. R. Stanley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Danielle Miller (James Madison University); Jennifer K. Salyer
'Pade' approximates for torsion of a compressible nonlinearly elastic cylinder. Advisors: Drs. D.A. Warne and P.G. Warne James Madison University)

Timothy Nawojski (Cal State University, San Bernardino)
Iterated clasp move and upper bounds for 2-bridge links. Advisor: Dr. R. Trapp (Cal State University, San Bernanrdino)

Jennifer Novak (Texas A&M University); Hanna Bennett; Chris Davis; Michael Jennings; Nick Perry; Eric Schoenfeld
‘Nice surface!’ and other ways to complement your knot. Advisor: Dr. C. Adams (Williams College)

Ryan Ottman (California State University, Chico)
A conjecture in knot theory. Advisor: Dr. T. Mattman (California State University, Chico)

Wesley Pegden (University of Chicago)
Distance sequences in locally infinite vertex-transitive graphs. Advisor: Dr. L. Babai (University of Chicago)

Alex Rand (New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology); Shannon Jessie; Sarah Srodulski
Extinction dynamics in predator prey models. Advisors: Drs. B. Deng and G. Ledder (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Joseph Rhoads (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Understanding self-linking numbers. Advisors: Drs. J. Chavez and R. Trapp (California State University, San Bernardino)

Nancy Rodriguez (University of San Diego); Maya Johnson
Wallpaper: the mathematics of art. Advisor: Dr. C. Kimber (Wesleyan College)

Emma Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Stephanie Basha, Jayce Getz, Harris Nover
Systems of orthogonal polynomials arising from the modular j-function. Advisor: Dr. K. Ono (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Stigge Mark (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
Hilbert functions and reverse polynomial growth. Advisor: Dr. T. Marley (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Rebecca Swanson (Dakota Wesleyan University)
Tetrahedral edge-lengths. Advisor: Dr. A. Edmonds (Indiana University)

Katy Vizzard (California State University, Bakersfield); Bradley Marchand
Rank of elliptic curves. Advisor: Dr. K. Haddad (California State University, Bakersfield)

Rachel Ward (University of Texas at Austin)
The fate of duplicated genes under the sufunctionalization model. Advisor: Dr. R. Durrett (Cornell University)

Josh Whitney (Arizona State University)
Subgraph summability number of a graph. Advisor: Dr. S. Narayan (Central Michigan University)

--- Mario Martelli, Organizer of the 2004 Undergraduate Student Poster Session

Report on the Undergraduate Student Poster Session, by Mario Martelli, Claremont McKenna College
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