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Student Posters at the SACNAS 2002 Meeting

Student Posters on mathematics were presented in the exhibit hall on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

A Stochastic Approach for Modeling Treatment and Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder. (Poster 297. Carlos Acevedo-Estefania, Carlos Torre, Ariel Contron-Arias, Carlos Hernandez-Suarez. Cornell University.)

Dynamic Properties of a Rational Landen Transformation. (Poster 298. Benjamin Alemán, University of Oregon, 2002 SACNAS Undergraduate Poster Award winner; Angela Gallegos, University of California, Irvine; Sandra Moncada, Texas A&M International University.);

Efficient Eigenspace Projections with Compression. (Poster 299. Ruben Arenas, Nate Eldredge, Michael Orrison. Harvey Mudd College.)

A Computational Model of Caudal Fin Undulations Using Impulse Methods. (Poster 300. Jaime Bailey, Apolinar Gallardo, Tiffany Psemenski. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

A Symbolic Evaluation of Integrals of Rational Functions. (Poster 301. Danielle Brooker, Aaron Cardona, Jose Miranda. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

High Order Blobs and Particle Methods for Dispersive Partial Differential Equations. (Poster 302. Jaime Burke, Christopher Gallo, Alejandro Perez. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

The Demographic Effects of Increasing Anthropogenic Noise on Mysticeti Whales. (Poster 303. Ivan Cao-Berg, Nathaniel Mercaldo, Shirley Sanchez. Cornell University.)

A Computational Model of the Motion of Flagella. (Poster 304. Oscar Del Valle, Heather Flores, Stefan Mendez-Diez. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

A Mathematical Model of Depression in Young Women as a Function of the Pressure to be "Beautiful". (Poster 305. Jennifer Dillon, Natalia Baeza, Mary Christina Ruales. Cornell University.)

Analysis of Two Models of Cardiac Cell Membrane Dynamics. (Poster 306. Marie Guerraty. Duke University.)

The Effects of Mass Transportation During a Deliberate Release of Smallpox. (Poster 307. Emilia Huerta-Sanchez, Karen Rios-Soto, Guarionex Jordan-Salivia. Cornell University.)

Asymptotics of a Transformation on the Space of Rational Functions. (Poster 308. Laura Jimiez, Luis Medina, M. Sage Briscoe. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

The Effect of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic on the Population of Truck Drivers in South Africa and the Economy. (Poster 309. Melanie Lee, Carlos Hernandez, Christine Roman, Shari Wiley, Melanie Lee. Cornell University.)

Comparison of Numerical Methods for Solving the Convection-Diffusion Equation 2-D. (Poster 310. Edgar Lobaton, Ubaldo Rodriguez, Leah Shilling. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

Chronic Wasting Disease: The Effects of Environmental Prion Density and Population Interactions on Disease Dynamics. (Poster 311. Thela Morales, Paul Hurtado, Marcin Mejran, David Schwager. Cornell University.)

Preventing Crack Babies: Different Approaches of Prevention. (Poster 312. David Murillo, Angela Ortiz, Fabio Sanchez. Cornell University.)

Critical Response Models for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Epidemics. (Poster 313. Johnsie Ortiz, Manuel Rivera, Daniel Rubin, Israel Ruiz, Carlos Hernandez. Cornell University.)

Coefficients and Roots of a Family of Polynomials: Divisibility and Asymptotics. (Poster 314. Maria Osorio, Juan Carlos Trujillo, Danielle Heckman. University of Puerto Rico, Humacao.)

Epidemic Models on Networks: The Effects of Contractions on Graph Properties. (Poster 315. Rosalyn Rael and Timothy Wickland. Los Alamos National Laboratory.)

Independence Number of the Second Power of at Most Cubic Graphs. (Poster 316. Laura Alazar. University of Houston.)

Population Cycles of the Monarch Butterfly. (Poster 317. Julie Stein, Roberto Saenz, Laura Jones, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu. Cornell University.)

The Effects of Environmental Pressure on the Genetics of Temperamental Behavior. (Poster 318. Griselle Torres-García, Bárbara Riviera-De Jesús, Alicia Urdapilleta. Cornell University.)

Generalized Spectral Analysis on Large Sets of Approval Voting Data. (Poster 319. David Uminsky and Micahel Orrison. Harvey Mudd College.)

Models of Negatively Dampled Harmonic Oscillators: The Case of Bipolar Disorder. (Poster 320. John Urrea, Darryl Daugherty, Tairi Rendon. Cornell University.)

The Human Papillomavirus: Effects of Male Screening. (Poster 362. Jennifer Froelich, Zanetta Gant, Aveek Majumdar, Reyes Ortiz-Albino. Cornell University.)

Investigating Timescales. (Beverly Gonzalez, Rebecca Parker, Ivy Prendergast. University of Georgia, Athens.)

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