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AMS-London Mathematical Society Meeting
Cambridge, England, June 29 - July 1, 1992
Meeting #875

Associate secretaries:
Robert M Fossum, AMS

Special Session on Discrete Geometry and Convexity

  • Tuesday June 30, 1992, 14:00-16:20
    Special Session on Discrete Geometry and Convexity, I

    • 14:00
      On the number of convex lattice polytopes.
      Imre B\'ar\'any*, Mathematical Institute, Hungary
    • 14:30
      Two aspects of the regular 24-cell in four dimensions.
      H. S. M. Coxeter*, University of Toronto
    • 15:00
      Strategies for the generation of Penrose tilings with defects, which (hopefully) will not lead to dead ends.
      L. Danzer*, Universit\"at Dortmund, Germany
    • 15:30
      A class of convex programs with applications to computational geometry.
      Martin Dyer*, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
    • 16:00
      Betti numbers for convex polytopes.
      Jonathan Fine*, Cambridge, United Kingdom

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