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AMS-London Mathematical Society Meeting
Cambridge, England, June 29 - July 1, 1992
Meeting #875

Associate secretaries:
Robert M Fossum, AMS

Special Session on Geometric Topology in Low Dimensions

  • Tuesday June 30, 1992, 08:45-11:05
    Special Session on Geometric Topology in Low Dimensions, I

    • 08:45
      Recognizing nonorientable Seifert bundles.
      Wilbur Whitten*, University of Southwestern Louisiana
    • 09:15
      Exceptional Dehn fillings.
      Steven Bleiler*, Portland State University
      Craig Hodgson, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • 10:15
      Representations of the groups of skew triple unions of knots.
      Robert Riley*, State University of New York, Binghamton
    • 10:45
      When is an incompressible torus created by Dehn surgery on a knot?
      Cameron Gordon*, University of Texas, Austin
      John Luecke, University of Texas, Austin

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