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International Joint Mathematics Meeting
Heidelberg, Germany, October 1-3, 1993
Meeting #885

Associate secretaries:
Robert M Fossum, AMS

Special Session on Homotopy Theory

  • Saturday October 2, 1993, 09:00-11:15
    Special Session on Homotopy Theory, I

    • 09:00
      Combinatorial group theory in homotopy.
      Frederick R. Cohen*, University of Rochester
    • 09:40
      The Cooke conjecture at prime two.
      J. Aguad\'e, University Autonoma de Barcelona,
      C. Broto*, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
      D. Notbohm, Mathematisches Institut, G\"ottingen
    • 10:10
      On homotopy types of finite polyhedra.
      Hans Joachim Baues*, Max-Planck-Institut f\"ur Mathematik, Bonn
  • Saturday October 2, 1993, 14:00-15:15
    Special Session on Homotopy Theory, II

    • 14:45
      A counterexample to the homomorphism question for classifying spaces.
      John Martino, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
      Stewart Priddy*, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
  • Sunday October 3, 1993, 14:00-16:45
    Special Session on Homotopy Theory, III

    • 14:00
      Homotopy homomorphisms and the hammock localization.
      Roland Schw\"anzl, Universit\"at Osnabr\"uck
      Rainer M. Vogt*, Universit\"at Osnabr\"uck
    • 14:30
      On the Morava K-theory of some finite 2-groups.
      Bj\"orn Schuster*, Northwestern University
    • 15:00
      mu_2-telescopes and unstable homotopy.
      Mark Mahowald*, Northwestern University
    • 15:45
      Nu_n telescopes and the Adams spectral sequence.
      Hal Sadofsky*, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
      Mark Mahowald, Northwestern University
    • 16:15
      Higher real K-theories.
      Haynes Miller*, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Michael Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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