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International Joint Mathematics Meeting
Heidelberg, Germany, October 1-3, 1993
Meeting #885

Associate secretaries:
Robert M Fossum, AMS

Special Session on Mathematical Physics

  • Saturday October 2, 1993, 09:00-11:15
    Special Session on Mathematical Physics, I

    • 09:00
      Lattice gauge theory and flat bundles on Riemann surfaces.
      Giovanni Felder*, Eidgen Technische Hochschule, Z\"urich, Switzerland
      Ping Feng, Cornell University
    • 09:35
      AF-Algebras and K-theory in conformal field theory.
      Andreas Recknagel*, University College of Swansea, United Kingdom
    • 10:10
      Modularity, subfactors, and indices in quantum field theory.
      Karl-Henning Rehren*, Universit\"at Hamburg
    • 10:45
      On the Turaev-Viro approach to topological quantum field theory.
      R. Schrader*, Freie Universit\"at Berlin
  • Saturday October 2, 1993, 14:00-16:50
    Special Session on Mathematical Physics, II

    • 14:00
      Analytic number theory and classical statistical mechanics.
      Andreas Knauf*, Technische Universit\"at, Berlin
    • 14:35
      Heavy atoms in high magnetic fields.
      Jakob Yngvason*, University of Iceland
    • 15:10
      Non-commutative geometry and Toeplitz quantization.
      Andrzej Lesniewski*, Harvard University
    • 15:45
      Atoms and number theory.
      Luis A. Seco*, University of Toronto
    • 16:20
      Universal asymptotic for the mean field interatomic potential in molecules.
      Jan Philip Solovej*, Princeton University
  • Sunday October 3, 1993, 09:00-11:15
    Special Session on Mathematical Physics, III

    • 09:00
      Existence of infinitely many smooth global solutions of the Einstein-Yang/Mills equations.
      Joel Smoller*, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    • 09:35
      Hydrodynamical limit for lattice gas and Green-Kubo formula.
      Horug-Tzer Yau*, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
    • 10:10
      The counting function for Schrodinger operators with Coulomb singularity and magnetic field.
      Heinz Siedentop*, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Norway
      Bernard Helffer, DMI-ENS, Cedex, France
    • 10:45
      Fermion hypercontractivity and optimal two-uniform convexity for $C_p$.
      Elliott H. Lieb*, Princeton University

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