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International Joint Mathematics Meeting
Merida, Mexico, December 1-4, 1993
Meeting #888

Associate secretaries:
Robert M Fossum, AMS

Special Session on Holomorphic Systems and Geometry

  • Thursday December 2, 1993, 09:00-11:50
    Special Session on Holomorphic Systems and Geometry, I

    • 09:00
      Immobilization of solids.
      J. Bracho*, IMATE-UNAM
      L. Montejano, IMATE-UNAM
      H. Fetter, UAM-I
      D. Mayer, UAM-I
    • 09:30
      Bifurcations of meromorphic vector fields in the Riemann sphere.
      Jesus Muci\~no-Raymundo*, IMATE-UNAM
      Carlos Valero-Vald\'es, IMATE-UNAM
    • 10:00
      Finiteness theorems for gauge actions.
      Jaime Mu\~noz-Masqu\'e*, CSIC, Madrid, Spain
    • 10:30
      Local principal configurations of an immersed surface in bold R^4.
      Ana Irene Ramirez, UNAM
      Federico S\'anchez-Bringas*, Facultad de Ciencias-UNAM
    • 11:00
      An alternative to Berezin's integration formula.
      J. Monterde, University of Valencia, Spain
      O. A. S\'anchez-Valenzuela*, CIMAT
    • 11:30
      The Euler series of restricted Chow varieties.
      Javier Elizondo*, University National Autonoma de Mexico
  • Friday December 3, 1993, 09:00-11:50
    Special Session on Holomorphic Systems and Geometry, II

    • 09:00
      Cohomogeneity one manifolds of positive curvature in lower dimensions.
      Catherine E. Searle*, CINVESTAV IPN
    • 09:30
      On an asymptotic G-winding number.
      Ricardo F. Vila-Freyer*, CIMAT
    • 10:00
      Vector bundles of type T_3 over a curve.
      L. Brambila-Paz*, UAM-I
    • 10:30
      Parabolic vector bundles and Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections over a Riemann surface.
      Jonathan A. Poritz*, University of Maryland, College Park
    • 11:00
      Limit sets of exotic hyperbolic groups.
      Kevin David Corlette, University of Chicago, Illinois
      Alessandra Iozzi*, University of Maryland, College Park
    • 11:30
      The fiber of the Prym map in genus 4.
      Sevin Recillas*, IMATE-UNAM
  • Saturday December 4, 1993, 09:00-11:50
    Special Session on Holomorphic Systems and Geometry, III

    • 09:00
      Multiplication of spinors and the Dirac operator.
      Francis J. Flaherty*, Oregon State University, Corvalis, Oregon
    • 09:30
      Nilpotent groups and Kahler groups.
      James A. Carlson*, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
      Domingo Toledo, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
    • 10:00
      Chow forms of congruences.
      Ignacio Sols, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
      Luis Giraldo*, University Nacional de Colombia,
    • 10:30
      Rigidity via harmonic maps.
      Luis Hern\'andez*, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
    • 11:00
      Geometry of degenerations of Kummer surfaces.
      Isidro Nieto*, CIMAT
    • 11:30
      A structure theorem for complete K\"ahler manifolds with bounded geometry and applications to Lefschetz type theorems.
      Terrence Napier, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
      Mohan Ramachandran*, State University of New York, Buffalo

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