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SPECIAL SESSIONS - Call for Proposals

Second Joint International Meeting of the Israeli Mathematical Union (IMU) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Tel-Aviv and Bar-Ilan Universities, ISRAEL

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June 16-19, 2014

    Program Committee (Israel): David Kazhdan (chair), Noga Alon, Mia Cohen, Louis Rowen, Alexander Vainshtein.

    Program Committee (US): Bob Guralnick (chair), Daniel Freed, Sergiu Klainerman, Michel Lapidus.

    Local Organizing Committee: Shiri Artstein, Michael Krivelevich, Louis Rowen, Uzi Vishne.

  1. The program committee invites mathematicians to organize high level special sessions. We strongly encourage joint organization of special sessions by mathematicians from the US and Israel.
  2. A proposal should include:
    • Title;
    • Name, institution and e-mail address of each of the proposed organizers, with one of the organizers designated as a contact person;
    • A brief (at most half-a-page) description of some of the main themes of the special session;
    • A sample list of about five to ten potential invited speakers, much preferably with their institutions.
  3. Proposals should be sent to the AMS Associate Secretary, Prof. Michel Lapidus, via e-mail (
  4. Selection and guidelines:
    • The Program Committee (Israel and US) will select the proposals and also decide on the amount of time allocated for each special session.
    • Aiming for reasonable diversity, the committee will interpret mathematics in the wide sense (including applications to fields such as physics, medicine or biology, and including history or philosophy of mathematics).
    • Much preferably, among the proposed special session organizers, at least one should be from an Israeli institution and at least one from a US institution.
    • Organizers of special sessions may invite researchers from any country (not just the US and Israel).
    • To keep all sessions synchronized, each session will be composed of 30 and/or 60 minutes slots (lectures plus questions and breaks).
    • The expected total length of a session will be around 5-10 hours (length will vary, depending on availability of rooms etc.)
    • The special session organizers have the full control of whom they wish to invite, provided naturally, they conform to the general guidelines (like the total length of the special session or scheduling guidelines).
    • A modest registration fee for participants is expected.
  5. Dates:
    • Proposals should be submitted by April 15th, 2013
    • Any proposal received after the official deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Decisions are expected by May 30th, 2013.