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The AMS Lecture on Education

This AMS lecture was established by the AMS Council in 2020.

About this Lecture

The AMS Lecture on Education will be given annually at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. The Lecture will address topics with implications for the educational ecosystem at local, regional, or national levels of interest to the AMS membership, including the scholarship of teaching and learning. Priority will be given to topics related to student learning, educational equity, and inclusion within the mathematics and broader STEM communities.

The goal of the lecture is to inform our mathematics community on evidence-based practices, developing trends, research, and scholarship in all educational settings that are of particular relevance to mathematicians and mathematics departments.

Next Lecture

The January 2025 lecture will be given by Pamela E. Harris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Past Lectures

January 2024: Suzanne L. Weekes, Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics,  Mathematics in (and for) the Real World.

January 2023: Chris Rasmussen, Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education and San Diego State University, Three models of successful departmental change approaches for infusing active learning in introductory mathematics courses.

April 2022: Tyler J. Jarvis, Brigham Young University, Restoring confidence in the value of mathematics.