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AMS Activities at the 2006 Joint Mathematics Meetings

AMS Membership booth
Crowds in the AMS Membership exhibit area
In the AMS Membership booth
Visitors pick up resources in the AMS Membership booth
AMS Membership booth
The 2006 Calendar of Mathematical
Imagery was a popular item.

AMS Book exhibit area
AMS book and MR exhibit area.

Kenschaft and Geller
Kenschaft and Geller in AMS booth.

Kenschaft book signing
Pat Kenschaft signs Change is Possible in the AMS booth.

AMS exhibit area
AMS book and MR exhibit area.

At the MR reception
Hossein Behforooz, Forough Saba, Jerome Dancis
and Bernard Harris (left to right) at the Mathematical Reviews (MR) reception.

The annual AMS Banquet was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel on Sunday night, January 15. Those in attendance with more than 25 years of AMS membership were honored. The attendees with the longest term membership were Lee Lorch (since 1937), Andrew Gleason (since 1941), and Leonard Gillman (since 1942). Since each of these members had been the prize winner at a previous banquet, the prize for the longest term membership went to two members: Lida Barrett and Robert Osserman. Each joined the society in 1950.

Executive Director John Ewing, while reading the names of long-term members, entertained the audience with a quiz centered on the International Congresses of Mathematicians, and Fields Medalists from each of the ICM's. The tables competed to see who could recognize the most Fields Medalists from pictures. It was a lively evening enjoyed by members of all ages.

-- Diane Boumenot, Manager of Membership and Programs

The AMS also hosted a Workshop for Department Chairs, awarded prizes, ran the Who Wants to Be a Mathematician game for high school students, and sponsored Invited Addresses and special sessions.

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