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Highlights of the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland, January 15 - 18, 2003


The annual Joint Mathematics Meetings held in Baltimore, Maryland, January 15-18, 2003 drew a record-breaking attendance of over 5,000 participants--mathematicians employers, exhibitors and students. The meetings, held at the Baltimore Convention Center, included Invited Addresses, special sessions, mini-courses, a prize ceremony, receptions, exhibits, a press room, contributed paper and poster sessions, an exhibit celebrating 50 years of the Employment Center, reunions, special events, and many opportunities to connect with colleagues old and new.

in the main lobby of the Baltimore Convention Center

Read about some of the many highlights:

The Employment Center Celebrates 50 Years
Robin Wilson: "Four Colors Suffice"
Young Scholar Wins the Grand Prize in Who Wants To Be A Mathematician
Noam Elkies on Some Novel Uses of Lattice Reduction
Edward Scheinerman on Discrete Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering
Archimedean Surprises
Undergraduate Poster Sessions Generate Unprecedented Interest
Math on the Web Pavilion and Exhibits Draw Crowds
A Legend about an Ancient Indian Math Text
Andrei Okounov on Dimers and Amoebas
Carol-Ann Blackwood, Harvey Cohn and Leonard Gillman Honored at AMS Member Banquet
A Math Life Film Screening
The Press Room and Publicity for the Meetings

near the message board

Each year the Employment Center is part of the JMM, but because of updates, we feel that descriptions of past Employment Centers, even those celebrating significant anniversaries, may be more misleading than they are informative. See a description of the Employment Center at the 2013 JMM in San Diego for information on a modern Employment Center.

Although the AMS and MAA co-sponsored the joint meetings, several other organizations also held meetings, sponsored prizes, and hosted sessions: the Association for Symbolic Logic, the Association for Women in Mathematics, the National Association of Mathematicians, the National Science Foundation, Pi Mu Epsilon, the Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the Young Mathematicians Network.

We look forward to seeing you at next year's Joint Mathematics Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona, January 7-10.

See also: Highlights of the 2002 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, CA.