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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:08:35

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1989 Central Section Meeting
Chicago, IL, May 19-20, 1989
Meeting #849

Associate secretaries:
Andy R Magid, AMS

Ahmad, Seema    Program Listing  
Akbulut, Selman    Program Listing  
Alpers, Burkhard    Program Listing  
Arlinghaus, Sandra Lach   Program Listing  
Arlinghaus, William C.   Program Listing  
Assmus Jr., E. F.   Program Listing  
Baica, Malvina    Program Listing  
Bannai, Eiichi    Program Listing  
Baric, Lee    Program Listing  
Barry, Michael    Program Listing  
Barton, Susan    Program Listing  
Basmajian, Ara    Program Listing  
Beattie, Margaret    Program Listing  
Beder, Jay H.   Program Listing  
Beer, Gerald    Program Listing  
Bell, Allen D.   Program Listing  
Bellout, Hamid    Program Listing  
Bennett, Grahame    Program Listing  
Berele, Allan    Program Listing  
Bergen, Jeffrey M.   Program Listing  
Berhanu, Shiferaw    Program Listing  
Beylkin, G.    Program Listing  
Birman, Joan S.   Program Listing  
Bleiler, Steven A.   Program Listing  
Boe, Brian D.   Program Listing  
Boos, Johann    Program Listing  
Borwein, David    Program Listing  
Brand, Neal    Program Listing  
Brauer, George U.   Program Listing  
Brown, Ron    Program Listing  
Bullen, P. S.   Program Listing  
Burkholder, Douglas G.   Program Listing  
Calhoun, William C.   Program Listing  
Carrell, James B.   Program Listing  
Casian, Luis    Program Listing  
Chang, Shao-Chien    Program Listing  
Chanillo, Sagun    Program Listing  
Chee, Yeow Meng   Program Listing  
Chin, William    Program Listing  
Chinburg, Ted    Program Listing  
Cochran, Tim D.   Program Listing  
Cohen, F. R.   Program Listing  
Cohen, Steve M.   Program Listing  
Coifman, R.    Program Listing  
Colbourn, Charles J.   Program Listing  
Collingwood, David H.   Program Listing  
Connett, William C.   Program Listing  
Connor, Jeff    Program Listing  
Craggs, R.    Program Listing  
Craven, Thomas C.   Program Listing  
Dabrowski, Romuald    Program Listing  
Daly, James E.   Program Listing  
Dauns, John    Program Listing  
Davis, James F.   Program Listing  
DeFranza, J. V.   Program Listing  
Delzell, Charles N.   Program Listing  
De Michele, Leonede    Program Listing  
Deodhar, Vinay V.   Program Listing  
Deveney, James K.   Program Listing  
DeVore, Ronald A.   Program Listing  
Diestel, Joseph    Program Listing  
Dipper, Richard    Program Listing  
Dolgachev, Igor    Program Listing  
Du, Jie    Program Listing  
Durfee, Alan H.   Program Listing  
Dyer, Matthew J.   Program Listing  
Earnest, Andrew G.   Program Listing  
Edmonds, Allan L.   Program Listing  
Enright, Thomas J.   Program Listing  
Erber, T.    Program Listing  
Erdogdu, Vahap    Program Listing  
Fadell, Edward    Program Listing  
Filus, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Fintushel, Ronald    Program Listing  
Fitzgerald, Robert W.   Program Listing  
Fleming, D. J.   Program Listing  
Fournier, Gilles    Program Listing  
Freedman, Allen R.   Program Listing  
Fridy, J. A.   Program Listing  
Friedlander, Eric M.   Program Listing  
Gavelek, D.    Program Listing  
Ge, Zhong    Program Listing  
Georgakis, Constantine    Program Listing  
Ghandehari, Mostafa    Program Listing  
Gillet, Henri    Program Listing  
Godbole, Anant    Program Listing  
Goes, G\"unther W.   Program Listing  
Goffman, Casper    Program Listing  
Goldman, Jerry    Program Listing  
Gompf, Robert E.   Program Listing  
Gordon, Cameron    Program Listing  
Greengard, Leslie    Program Listing  
Grosshans, Frank D.   Program Listing  
Groszek, Marcia J.   Program Listing  
Gruenwald, Mark    Program Listing  
Guralnick, Robert M.   Program Listing  
Guzzardi, R.    Program Listing  
Habegger, Nathan    Program Listing  
Hahn, Alexander J.   Program Listing  
Haile, Darrell    Program Listing  
Hall, Jonathan I.   Program Listing  
Hall, Peter    Program Listing  
Hanges, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Harbater, David    Program Listing  
Heinig, Hans P.   Program Listing  
Hetzer, Georg    Program Listing  
Hillman, Jonathan A.   Program Listing  
Himonas, Alexandrou A.   Program Listing  
Hodges, Timothy J.   Program Listing  
Hoste, Jim    Program Listing  
Howard, Paul E.   Program Listing  
Hsia, John S.   Program Listing  
Huffman, W. Cary   Program Listing  
Humphreys, J. E.   Program Listing  
Hung, David C.   Program Listing  
Irving, Ronald    Program Listing  
Jain, S. K.   Program Listing  
Jakimovski, Amnon    Program Listing  
Jawerth, Bj\"orn    Program Listing  
Jockusch, Carl    Program Listing  
Joyner, David    Program Listing  
Kalhoff, Franz    Program Listing  
Kani, Ernst    Program Listing  
Kass, Seymour    Program Listing  
Kechris, Alexander S.   Program Listing  
Kelly, Michael R.   Program Listing  
Key, J. D.   Program Listing  
Khamsi, M. A.   Program Listing  
Kim, Myung Ho   Program Listing  
Kimura, Kyoko    Program Listing  
Kirk, Paul    Program Listing  
Kleiner, Mark    Program Listing  
Knight, Julia F.   Program Listing  
Krop, Leonid    Program Listing  
Kruskemper, Martin    Program Listing  
Kucera, Antonin    Program Listing  
Kumabe, Masahiro    Program Listing  
Kumar, Shrawan    Program Listing  
Kwasik, Slawomir    Program Listing  
Lahtonen, Jyrki    Program Listing  
Lakshmibai, V.    Program Listing  
Lanski, Charles    Program Listing  
Lee, Jong P.   Program Listing  
Leep, David B.   Program Listing  
Leon, Jeffrey S.   Program Listing  
Lerman, Manuel    Program Listing  
Lerner, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Letzter, Gail    Program Listing  
Lewis, D. W.   Program Listing  
Lewis, Jeff E.   Program Listing  
Lichtman, A. I.   Program Listing  
Lin, Zongzhu    Program Listing  
Lonergan, F. D.   Program Listing  
Long, D. D.   Program Listing  
Lorenz, Martin    Program Listing  
Macphail, M. S.   Program Listing  
Madden, J.    Program Listing  
Magee, J. C.   Program Listing  
Makar-Limanov, Leonard G.   Program Listing  
Malcolmson, Peter    Program Listing  
Mallat, Stephane    Program Listing  
Manfredi, J.    Program Listing  
Martelli, Mario    Program Listing  
Martindale 3rd, Wallace S.   Program Listing  
Mathieu, Olivier    Program Listing  
Mattson Jr., H. F.   Program Listing  
McCallum, William G.   Program Listing  
Menasco, William W.   Program Listing  
Meyerhoff, Robert    Program Listing  
Millar, Terrence    Program Listing  
Mohapatra, R. N.   Program Listing  
Mohapeloa, Khomo T. S.   Program Listing  
Musson, Ian M.   Program Listing  
Mustonen, Vesa    Program Listing  
Muthuvel, Kandasamy    Program Listing  
Narayanaswami, P. P.   Program Listing  
Nashed, M. Zuhair   Program Listing  
Neher, Erhard    Program Listing  
Nerode, Anil    Program Listing  
Neumann, Walter D.   Program Listing  
Neumann, Walter D.   Program Listing  
Newhart, Donald W.   Program Listing  
O'Neill, John D.   Program Listing  
\"Onsiper, Hur\c sit    Program Listing  
Orr, Kent    Program Listing  
Osterburg, James    Program Listing  
Park, Hong Goo   Program Listing  
Park, Sehie    Program Listing  
Parshall, Brian    Program Listing  
Penner, R. C.   Program Listing  
Peterson, Dale H.   Program Listing  
Phelps, K. T.   Program Listing  
Phillips, Keith    Program Listing  
Powers, Victoria A.   Program Listing  
Puttaswamy, T. K.   Program Listing  
Reich, Simeon    Program Listing  
Reznick, Bruce    Program Listing  
Rhoades, Billy E.   Program Listing  
Rhoades, Billy E.   Program Listing  
Ricceri, Biagio    Program Listing  
Rno, J. S.    Program Listing  
Roberts, Gary B.   Program Listing  
Robson, Robby    Program Listing  
Rochberg, Richard H.   Program Listing  
Rosa, Alexander    Program Listing  
Rothenberg, Melvin G.   Program Listing  
Roux, Delfina    Program Listing  
Ruberman, Daniel    Program Listing  
Ruckle, William H.   Program Listing  
Rumely, Robert    Program Listing  
Sacks, Gerald E.   Program Listing  
Saint-Raymond, Xavier    Program Listing  
Salwach, Chester J.   Program Listing  
Schmidt, Paul Guenter   Program Listing  
Schultz, Reinhard    Program Listing  
Schwartz, Alan L.   Program Listing  
Scott, Leonard    Program Listing  
Sehgal, V. M.   Program Listing  
Seitz, Gary M.   Program Listing  
Sember, John J.   Program Listing  
Shalen, Peter B.   Program Listing  
Shapiro, D. B.   Program Listing  
Shick, Jonathan E.   Program Listing  
Shore, Richard A.   Program Listing  
Siddiqi, Jamil A.   Program Listing  
Singh, K. L.   Program Listing  
Skora, Richard K.   Program Listing  
Slaman, Theodore A.   Program Listing  
Sloane, N. J. A.   Program Listing  
Smith, Stephen D.   Program Listing  
Smith, Tara L.   Program Listing  
Smolinsky, Lawrence J.   Program Listing  
Snyder, A. K.   Program Listing  
Soul\'e, Christophe    Program Listing  
Soumaya, Khuri    Program Listing  
Srinivasan, Bhama    Program Listing  
Stengle, Gilbert    Program Listing  
Stern, Ronald J.   Program Listing  
Stob, Michael    Program Listing  
Stolz, Stephan    Program Listing  
Taft, Earl J.   Program Listing  
Takahashi, Wataru    Program Listing  
Tan, Lin    Program Listing  
Taylor, Laurence R.   Program Listing  
Teirlinck, Luc    Program Listing  
Tiwari, Hemant Kumar   Program Listing  
Turisco, Joann S.   Program Listing  
Tzavaras, Athanassios    Program Listing  
Vakil, Nader    Program Listing  
Vogan, David    Program Listing  
Vojta, Paul    Program Listing  
Walter, L.    Program Listing  
Wang, Jian Pan   Program Listing  
Ward, Harold    Program Listing  
Weakley, W. D.   Program Listing  
Weinberg, Stephen L.   Program Listing  
Welland, Grant V.   Program Listing  
White, Denis A. W.   Program Listing  
White, Donald L.   Program Listing  
Whitfield, J. H. M.   Program Listing  
Wolper, James S.   Program Listing  
Wood, Jay A.   Program Listing  
Wood, John W.   Program Listing  
Wright, Mary H.   Program Listing  
Yau, Stephen S-T.   Program Listing  
Ye, Hong    Program Listing  
Yousef, Hasan    Program Listing  
Zhao, Yi-Chun    Program Listing