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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1991 Western Section Meeting
Portland, OR, June 14-15, 1991
Meeting #866

Associate secretaries:
Lance W Small, AMS

Asmar, Nakhl\'e H.   Program Listing  
Bennett, Andrew G.   Program Listing  
Bertrand, Daniel    Program Listing  
Beyl, F. Rudolf   Program Listing  
Bogley, William A.   Program Listing  
Bryan, Kurt    Program Listing  
Buhler, Joe P.   Program Listing  
Bump, Daniel    Program Listing  
Callias, Constantine J.   Program Listing  
Carlson, Robert    Program Listing  
Cheney, Margaret    Program Listing  
Faridani, Adel    Program Listing  
Finch, David    Program Listing  
Fine, Benjamin    Program Listing  
Fryant, Allan    Program Listing  
Graham, Colin C.   Program Listing  
Granirer, E. E.   Program Listing  
Greenleaf, Allan    Program Listing  
Grunbaum, F. Alberto   Program Listing  
Hare, Kathryn E.   Program Listing  
Hollingsed, Tom    Program Listing  
Isaacson, David    Program Listing  
Isakov, Victor    Program Listing  
Itzkowitz, Gerald L.   Program Listing  
Iwasaki, K.    Program Listing  
Kalajdzievski, S.    Program Listing  
Kamal, Syed Arif   Program Listing  
Lang, W. Christopher   Program Listing  
Lau, Anthony To-Ming   Program Listing  
Lavine, Rick    Program Listing  
Lowe, Bruce    Program Listing  
Lutz, D. A.   Program Listing  
Lyons, Russell    Program Listing  
McLaughlin, Joyce R.   Program Listing  
Nakamura, Gen    Program Listing  
Nisnevich, Yevsey    Program Listing  
Nygaard, Neils O.   Program Listing  
Paranjape, Kapil H.   Program Listing  
Pilant, Michael    Program Listing  
Quinto, Eric Todd   Program Listing  
Rajagopalan, M.    Program Listing  
Ralston, James    Program Listing  
Ramakrishnan, Dinakar    Program Listing  
Raskind, Wayne M.   Program Listing  
Rimlinger, Frank S.   Program Listing  
Rogawski, Jonathan D.   Program Listing  
Rolfsen, Dale    Program Listing  
Rong, Yongwu    Program Listing  
Rundell, William    Program Listing  
Schwartz, Alan L.   Program Listing  
Seddighi, Karim    Program Listing  
Siadat, V.    Program Listing  
Sibuya, Yasutaka    Program Listing  
Simpson, James E.   Program Listing  
Singer, Michael F.   Program Listing  
Sjerve, Denis    Program Listing  
Sperber, Steven    Program Listing  
Stallings, John R.   Program Listing  
Sun, Ziqi    Program Listing  
Uhlmann, Gunther A.   Program Listing  
Ullrich, David    Program Listing  
Varadarajan, V. S.   Program Listing  
Vrem, Richard    Program Listing  
Waller, Nancy    Program Listing  
Wu, Sheng L.   Program Listing  
Zhang, Xingguo    Program Listing  

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