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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:09:07

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1993 Central Section Meeting
College Station, TX, October 22-23, 1993
Meeting #886

Associate secretaries:
Andy R Magid, AMS

Alspach, Dale E.   Program Listing  
Anderson, James W.   Program Listing  
Arias, Alvaro    Program Listing  
Auckly, Dave    Program Listing  
Baggett, Lawrence W.   Program Listing  
Bajnok, Bela    Program Listing  
Baker, Richard L.   Program Listing  
Barrett, David E.   Program Listing  
Bates, Peter W.   Program Listing  
Bator, Elizabeth M.   Program Listing  
Baum, Paul F.   Program Listing  
Bebernes, Jerrold W.   Program Listing  
Bell, Allen D.   Program Listing  
Benedetto, John J.   Program Listing  
Bergman, George M.   Program Listing  
Bland, John S.   Program Listing  
Blecher, David    Program Listing  
Campbell-Wright, Randall K.   Program Listing  
Carton-Lebrun, C.    Program Listing  
Casazza, Peter    Program Listing  
Castro, Alfonso    Program Listing  
Chaatit, Fouad    Program Listing  
Chadam, John    Program Listing  
Chen, Goong    Program Listing  
Chihara, Laura    Program Listing  
Chin, William    Program Listing  
Chow, Shui-Nee    Program Listing  
Chung, Fan R.K.   Program Listing  
Coates, Keith J.   Program Listing  
Collins, Benjamin V.C.   Program Listing  
Cosner, C.    Program Listing  
Crist, Randall L.   Program Listing  
Curto, Raul E.   Program Listing  
D\v ad\v arlat, Marius    Program Listing  
Dafni, Galia    Program Listing  
Dai, Xingde    Program Listing  
Deliu, Anca    Program Listing  
Diaz, Ricardo L.   Program Listing  
Dickie, Garth A.   Program Listing  
Dilworth, Stephen    Program Listing  
Ding, Zhonghai    Program Listing  
Di Vincenzo, Onofrio M.   Program Listing  
Donsig, Allan P.   Program Listing  
Dorroh, J. R.   Program Listing  
Drensky, Vesselin    Program Listing  
Effros, Edward G.   Program Listing  
Ewing, Richard E.   Program Listing  
Fabiano Jr., Richard H.   Program Listing  
Farmer, Jeff    Program Listing  
Fattorini, Hector O.   Program Listing  
Fischman, Davida    Program Listing  
Fox, Jeffrey    Program Listing  
Francsics, G\'abor    Program Listing  
Fridman, Buma    Program Listing  
Fulling, Stephen A.   Program Listing  
Gardner, Robert A.   Program Listing  
Geller, Daryl    Program Listing  
Giambruno, Antonino    Program Listing  
Giaquinto, Anthony    Program Listing  
Girardi, Maria    Program Listing  
Goldstein, Gisele Ruiz   Program Listing  
Goldstein, Jerome A.   Program Listing  
Gong, Guihua    Program Listing  
Graham, Ian    Program Listing  
Gupta, C. K.   Program Listing  
Gupta, Narain    Program Listing  
Gurney, David    Program Listing  
Gutierrez, Cristian E.   Program Listing  
Guyker, James    Program Listing  
Hadwin, Don    Program Listing  
Han, Y.S.    Program Listing  
Harris, Adam    Program Listing  
Harris, Gary A.   Program Listing  
Haskell, Peter    Program Listing  
Hemmeter, J.    Program Listing  
Hendricks, T. David   Program Listing  
Hetzer, Georg    Program Listing  
Hibschweiler, R. A.   Program Listing  
Hill, Gregory    Program Listing  
Ho, Lop-Hing    Program Listing  
Hobart, Sylvia A.   Program Listing  
Hofmann, Steve    Program Listing  
Holland, W. Charles   Program Listing  
Hollis, Selwyn    Program Listing  
Hopenwasser, Alan    Program Listing  
Hounie, Jorge    Program Listing  
Huang, H.    Program Listing  
Huang, Xiaojun    Program Listing  
Hudson, Timothy D.   Program Listing  
Hurder, Steven    Program Listing  
Iaia, Joseph    Program Listing  
Ivanov, Sergei V.   Program Listing  
Jafari, F.    Program Listing  
Jarchow, Hans    Program Listing  
Jarvis, Peter M.   Program Listing  
Ji, Ronghui    Program Listing  
Johnson, Kenneth W.   Program Listing  
Johnson, W. B.   Program Listing  
Jones, Peter R.   Program Listing  
Juri\v si\'c, Aleksandar    Program Listing  
Kaftal, V.    Program Listing  
Kamowitz, Herbert    Program Listing  
Katsoulis, Elias G.   Program Listing  
Kausch, David T.   Program Listing  
Kemer, Alexander R.   Program Listing  
Kharlampovich, Olga G.   Program Listing  
Kilic, Semra    Program Listing  
Kim, Kang-Tae    Program Listing  
Kirkman, Ellen E.   Program Listing  
Kitover, Arkady    Program Listing  
Koldobsky, Alexander    Program Listing  
Kolountzakis, Mihail N.   Program Listing  
Kon, Mark Andrew   Program Listing  
Krasilnikov, A. N.   Program Listing  
Lagnese, John E.   Program Listing  
Lakey, Joseph D.   Program Listing  
Lalley, Steven P.   Program Listing  
Lasiecka, I.    Program Listing  
Latushkin, Yuri    Program Listing  
Lefton, Lew    Program Listing  
Leonard, Douglas A.   Program Listing  
Letzter, Gail    Program Listing  
Liebler, Robert A.   Program Listing  
Lima-Filho, Paulo    Program Listing  
Lin, Kai-Ching    Program Listing  
Lohrenz, Terry    Program Listing  
Lorenz, Maria E.   Program Listing  
Loring, Terry A.   Program Listing  
Lotto, B. A.   Program Listing  
Lowe, Bruce    Program Listing  
Lu, Guozhen    Program Listing  
Luecking, Daniel H.   Program Listing  
Ma, Peiming    Program Listing  
Madigan, Kevin M.   Program Listing  
Marcoux, Laurent    Program Listing  
Martin, William J.   Program Listing  
Mathes, B.    Program Listing  
McKenzie, Ralph    Program Listing  
McNulty, George    Program Listing  
Mercer, Peter R.   Program Listing  
Merrill, Kathy D.   Program Listing  
Meyerowitz, Aaron D.   Program Listing  
Milman, Vitali    Program Listing  
Mischaikow, Konstantin    Program Listing  
Montgomery, Susan    Program Listing  
Musson, Ian M.   Program Listing  
Nagel, Alexander    Program Listing  
Narcowich, Francis J.   Program Listing  
Natsume, Toshikazu    Program Listing  
Nica, Alexandru M.   Program Listing  
Nistor, Victor    Program Listing  
Ol$'$shanskii, Alexander Yu   Program Listing  
Orr, John L.   Program Listing  
Othmer, H. G.   Program Listing  
Pan, Yi-Biao    Program Listing  
Park, Hong G.   Program Listing  
Parrott, Mary    Program Listing  
Pastijn, F. J.   Program Listing  
Paulsen, Vern    Program Listing  
Pedersen, Michael    Program Listing  
Peloso, Marco M.   Program Listing  
P\'erez, Carlos    Program Listing  
Peters III, Justin R.   Program Listing  
Piacentini Cattaneo, Giulia Maria   Program Listing  
Pierre, Michel    Program Listing  
Pisier, G.    Program Listing  
Pitts, David R.   Program Listing  
Poletsky, Evgeny A.   Program Listing  
Poon, Yiu-Tung    Program Listing  
Pop, Florin    Program Listing  
Popescu, Gelo    Program Listing  
Qiu, Chaoxin    Program Listing  
Racine, Michel L.   Program Listing  
Randrianantoanina, Beata    Program Listing  
Ray-Chaudhuri, Dwijendra    Program Listing  
Rebarber, Richard    Program Listing  
Reyes, Edgar N.   Program Listing  
Rieffel, Marc A.   Program Listing  
Rieffel, Marc A.   Program Listing  
Robbins, Marian E.   Program Listing  
Rosenthal, Haskell    Program Listing  
Ruan, Zhong-Jin    Program Listing  
Rundell, William    Program Listing  
Russo, Bernard    Program Listing  
Saab, Elias    Program Listing  
Saab, Paulette    Program Listing  
Sadun, Lorenzo    Program Listing  
Sapir, Mark V.   Program Listing  
Schmitt, Klaus    Program Listing  
Sheu, Albert J.L.   Program Listing  
Shi, Xianliang    Program Listing  
Showalter, R. E.   Program Listing  
Shrikhande, M. S.   Program Listing  
Simonett, Gieri    Program Listing  
Simonett, Gieri    Program Listing  
Siskakis, Aristomenis G.   Program Listing  
Sloane, N. J. A.   Program Listing  
Smiley, Michael W.   Program Listing  
Smith, H. L.   Program Listing  
Smith, Jonathan D.H.   Program Listing  
Smith, Ken W.   Program Listing  
Smith, R. C.   Program Listing  
Smith, Roger    Program Listing  
Song, Sung Yell   Program Listing  
Sourour, A. R.   Program Listing  
Spielberg, Jack    Program Listing  
Stafford, J. T.   Program Listing  
Staniszkis, Joanna M.   Program Listing  
Stegenga, David A.   Program Listing  
Stensones, Berit    Program Listing  
Stephenson, Darin R.   Program Listing  
Stessin, Michael    Program Listing  
Stolz, Stephan    Program Listing  
Sweezy, Caroline    Program Listing  
Szajda, Douglas C.   Program Listing  
Tartakoff, David S.   Program Listing  
Tate, John    Program Listing  
Terwilliger, Paul    Program Listing  
Tonegawa, Yoshihiro    Program Listing  
Trent, T. T.   Program Listing  
Tumanov, Alexander    Program Listing  
Uhlenbeck, Karen    Program Listing  
Vancliff, Michaela    Program Listing  
Ventura, Belisario A.   Program Listing  
Volkov, Michael V.   Program Listing  
Vovsi, Samuel M.   Program Listing  
Wagner, Bruce H.   Program Listing  
Wang, Hankun    Program Listing  
Warchall, Henry    Program Listing  
Ward Jr., James R.   Program Listing  
Webb, G. F.   Program Listing  
Wei, Dongming    Program Listing  
Weigel, Thomas S.   Program Listing  
Weinstein, Gilbert    Program Listing  
Weiss, G.    Program Listing  
Weiss, Richard M.   Program Listing  
Weng, Chih-Wen    Program Listing  
Wheeler, Mary F.   Program Listing  
White, Luther    Program Listing  
Wogen, Warren R.   Program Listing  
Wu, Zhijian    Program Listing  
Xian, Hong    Program Listing  
Xu, Xiangsheng    Program Listing  
Xu, Yeren    Program Listing  
Ye, Zaifei    Program Listing  
You, Yuncheng    Program Listing  
Yu, Guoliang    Program Listing  
Yu, Jiye    Program Listing  
Zelmanov, Efim    Program Listing  
Zhang, Bingyu    Program Listing  
Zhang, James J.   Program Listing  
Zorboska, Nina    Program Listing  
Zou, Henghui    Program Listing  
Zulli, Louis P.   Program Listing