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1995 Fall Southern Sectional Meeting
Greensboro, NC, November 17-18, 1995
Meeting #906

Associate secretaries:
Robert J Daverman, AMS

Akman, Fusun    Program Listing  
Alladi, Krishnaswami    Program Listing  
Allen, Edward E.   Program Listing  
Allender, Eric W.   Program Listing  
Anuradha, V.    Program Listing  
Appleby, Glenn D.   Program Listing  
Asgharian, Bahman    Program Listing  
Atela, Pau    Program Listing  
Aull, Charles E.   Program Listing  
Baboolal, D.    Program Listing  
Banks, H. Thomas   Program Listing  
Barcelo, Helene    Program Listing  
Barnes, Julia A.   Program Listing  
Barron, Katrina Deane   Program Listing  
Baur, Lynne A.   Program Listing  
Baxley, John V.   Program Listing  
Belanger, Jay    Program Listing  
Benakli, Nadia    Program Listing  
Bestvina, Mladen    Program Listing  
Bogart, Kenneth P.   Program Listing  
Book, Ronald V.   Program Listing  
Borggard, Jeff    Program Listing  
Brady, Noel Patrick   Program Listing  
Branner, Bodil    Program Listing  
Brown, Ezra A.   Program Listing  
Browning, William J.   Program Listing  
Burger, Edward B.   Program Listing  
Burthe Jr., Ronald Joseph   Program Listing  
Cai, Jin-Yi    Program Listing  
Cantrell, Robert Stephen   Program Listing  
Castro, Alfonso    Program Listing  
Chan, Clara S.   Program Listing  
Chang, Richard    Program Listing  
Cheng, Yuanyou    Program Listing  
Choi, Y. S.   Program Listing  
Ciucu, Mihai A.   Program Listing  
Cleary, Sean T.   Program Listing  
Costa, David G.   Program Listing  
Davidson, Morley A.   Program Listing  
Dijkstra, Jan J.   Program Listing  
Dobrowolski, Tadeusz W.   Program Listing  
Dong, Chongying    Program Listing  
Dranishnikov, Alexander Nikolaevich   Program Listing  
Du, Jie    Program Listing  
Dubejko, Tomasz    Program Listing  
Duffus, Dwight A.   Program Listing  
Duval, Art    Program Listing  
Dydak, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Elek, Gabor    Program Listing  
Epstein, Adam Lawrence   Program Listing  
Farley, Jonathan David   Program Listing  
Feingold, Alex J.   Program Listing  
Felder, Giovanni    Program Listing  
Fenner, Stephen A.   Program Listing  
Fenster, Della Dumbaugh   Program Listing  
Ferry, Steven C.   Program Listing  
Filaseta, Michael A.   Program Listing  
Floyd, William J.   Program Listing  
Fomin, Sergey    Program Listing  
Garsia, Adriano M.   Program Listing  
Garvan, Frank G.   Program Listing  
Geoghegan, Ross    Program Listing  
Gessel, Ira M.   Program Listing  
Glass, Julie S.   Program Listing  
Goddard, Ted    Program Listing  
Goldsmith, Judy    Program Listing  
Goldstein, Gisele Ruiz   Program Listing  
Goldstein, Jerome A.   Program Listing  
Gomez-Calderon, Javier    Program Listing  
Goulden, Ian P.   Program Listing  
Graczyk, Jacek    Program Listing  
Green, Edward L.   Program Listing  
Green, Frederic    Program Listing  
Greene, Curtis    Program Listing  
Griess Jr., Robert Louis   Program Listing  
Griggs, Jerrold Robinson   Program Listing  
Gruenhage, Gary F.   Program Listing  
Gupta, Sanjay    Program Listing  
Haglund, James B.   Program Listing  
Halverson, Thomas M.   Program Listing  
Hanlon, Philip J.   Program Listing  
Hawkins, Jane M.   Program Listing  
Heath, Robert W.   Program Listing  
Hemaspaandra, Lane A.   Program Listing  
Hermiller, Susan M.   Program Listing  
Hodel, Richard E.   Program Listing  
Hoffman, Michael E.   Program Listing  
Holton, Charles Geoffrey   Program Listing  
Homer, Steven    Program Listing  
Howard, Fredric T.   Program Listing  
Hu, Jun    Program Listing  
Immerman, Neil    Program Listing  
Ismail, Mohammad    Program Listing  
Ivansic, Ivan    Program Listing  
Jiang, Renfang    Program Listing  
Jiang, Yunping    Program Listing  
Jin, Zhiren    Program Listing  
Juhasz, I.    Program Listing  
Jurisich, Elizabeth Graf   Program Listing  
Kapovich, Ilya    Program Listing  
Kautz, Steven M.   Program Listing  
Keen, Linda    Program Listing  
Kennedy, Judy Anita   Program Listing  
Kirkman, Ellen E.   Program Listing  
Kiwi, Jan B.   Program Listing  
Knudson, Kevin P.   Program Listing  
Konieczny, Janusz    Program Listing  
Kopperman, Ralph D.   Program Listing  
Koss, Lorelei M.   Program Listing  
Krstic, Sava    Program Listing  
Kulesza, John S.   Program Listing  
Kumar, Shrawan    Program Listing  
Lada, Thomas J.   Program Listing  
Lawrence, L. Brian   Program Listing  
Le, Vy Khoi   Program Listing  
Levitt, Gilbert    Program Listing  
Levy, Ronald F.   Program Listing  
Li, Xian-Jin    Program Listing  
Lin, Zongzhu    Program Listing  
Longpre, Luc    Program Listing  
Lustig, Martin    Program Listing  
Lutz, Jack H.   Program Listing  
Lyubich, M.    Program Listing  
Magyar, Akos    Program Listing  
Mashburn, Joe D.   Program Listing  
McConnel, Robert M.   Program Listing  
McCoy, Robert A.   Program Listing  
Meier, John E.   Program Listing  
Melville, Duncan J.   Program Listing  
Mihalik, Michael L.   Program Listing  
Mihram, G. Arthur   Program Listing  
Mosher, Lee D.   Program Listing  
Neuberger, J. W.   Program Listing  
Nkashama, Mubenga Ngandu   Program Listing  
Nyikos, Peter J.   Program Listing  
Ogihara, Mitsunori    Program Listing  
Ono, Ken    Program Listing  
Parry, Walter R.   Program Listing  
Parshall, Brian J.   Program Listing  
Petersen, Carsten Lunde   Program Listing  
Pilgrim, Kevin M.   Program Listing  
Pomerance, Carl    Program Listing  
Portier, Frederick J.   Program Listing  
Proctor, Robert A.   Program Listing  
Regan, Kenneth W.   Program Listing  
Reider, Marc B.   Program Listing  
Repovs, Dusan    Program Listing  
Rieffel, Eleanor G.   Program Listing  
Roddy, Michael S.   Program Listing  
Rogers Jr., James T.   Program Listing  
Roitman, Judith    Program Listing  
Ruane, Kim E.   Program Listing  
Rudin, Mary E.   Program Listing  
Rumbos, Adolfo J.   Program Listing  
Sanderson, Yasmine B.   Program Listing  
Sauerberg, James J.   Program Listing  
Sawin, Stephen F.   Program Listing  
Schroeder, Bernd    Program Listing  
Schwartz, Richard    Program Listing  
Scroggs, Jeffrey S.   Program Listing  
Selman, Alan L.   Program Listing  
Sengupta, Dipendra C.   Program Listing  
Sengupta, Jharna D.   Program Listing  
Shivaji, Ratnasingham    Program Listing  
Shpilrain, Vladimir    Program Listing  
Shubov, Marianna A.   Program Listing  
Simion, Rodica E.   Program Listing  
Slutskin, Lev    Program Listing  
Snyder, David F.   Program Listing  
Srinivasan, Anitha    Program Listing  
Stakgold, Ivar    Program Listing  
Stanley, Richard P.   Program Listing  
Stanton, Dennis W.   Program Listing  
Stasheff, James D.   Program Listing  
Stephenson Jr., Robert M.   Program Listing  
Sundaram, Sheila    Program Listing  
Szymanski, Andrzej    Program Listing  
Thoma, Lubos    Program Listing  
Tran, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Turner, Edward C.   Program Listing  
Tymchatyn, Edward D.   Program Listing  
Umanskiy, Ya    Program Listing  
Vandervorst, Robert C.   Program Listing  
Vaughan, Theresa Phillips   Program Listing  
Venema, Gerard A.   Program Listing  
Vogtmann, Karen    Program Listing  
Wachs, Michelle L.   Program Listing  
Wang, Yun    Program Listing  
Wang, Zhenghan    Program Listing  
Warchall, Henry A.   Program Listing  
Ward Jr., James R.   Program Listing  
Watanabe, Osamu    Program Listing  
Watson, Stephen    Program Listing  
Watson, Stephen    Program Listing  
Wicke, Howard H.   Program Listing  
Williams, Hugh C.   Program Listing  
Wilson, Brad L.   Program Listing  
Wise, Daniel    Program Listing  
Xiang, Li    Program Listing  
Yampolsky, Michael Yuzy   Program Listing  
Young, Paul T.   Program Listing  
Zhang, James    Program Listing  
Zhu, Xiaodong    Program Listing  

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