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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

Current as of Tuesday, April 12, 2005 15:09:32

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1996 Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting
Chattanooga, TN, October 11-12, 1996
Meeting #915

Associate secretaries:
Robert J Daverman, AMS

Abhyankar, Shreeram S.   Program Listing  
Adler, Robert J .   Program Listing  
Alama, Stanley    Program Listing  
Alikakos, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Alligood, Kathleen    Program Listing  
Alvarez, Orlando    Program Listing  
Ancel, Fredric D.   Program Listing  
Anderson, D. D.   Program Listing  
Andronov, Ivan V.   Program Listing  
Ashbaugh, Mark S.   Program Listing  
Baconyi, Mihaly    Program Listing  
Baernstein, II, Albert    Program Listing  
Balogh, Zoltan T.   Program Listing  
Barge, Marcy    Program Listing  
Barrett, Wayne W.   Program Listing  
Belinskiy, Boris P.   Program Listing  
Bennett, Harold R   Program Listing  
Bereczky, A'ron    Program Listing  
Berry, Michael W.   Program Listing  
Bishop, Christopher J.   Program Listing  
Black, Elena V.   Program Listing  
Blokh, Alexander    Program Listing  
Bowers, Phil    Program Listing  
Bowers, Philip L.   Program Listing  
Bronsard, Lia    Program Listing  
Brucks, Karen    Program Listing  
Bryant, John L.   Program Listing  
Buchanan, James L.   Program Listing  
Bunimovich, Leonid    Program Listing  
Canary, Richard D.   Program Listing  
Cantrell, Robert Stephen   Program Listing  
Capietto, Anna    Program Listing  
Carlson, Robert C.   Program Listing  
Caudill Jr., Lester F.   Program Listing  
Chapman, Scott T. .   Program Listing  
Chigogidze, Alex    Program Listing  
Clark, Alex D   Program Listing  
Clark, Julie M.   Program Listing  
Coffey, John    Program Listing  
Condo, John T.   Program Listing  
Coombes, Kevin R.   Program Listing  
Cosner, Chris    Program Listing  
Cottrill, Jim    Program Listing  
Cox, Steven J.   Program Listing  
Coykendall, Jim    Program Listing  
Crates, Gladys H.   Program Listing  
Dai, Jim    Program Listing  
Datta, Somnath    Program Listing  
D\`ebes, Pierre    Program Listing  
Desjardins, Sylvie    Program Listing  
Dettweiler, Michael    Program Listing  
Diamond, Beverly    Program Listing  
Dijkstra, Jan J.   Program Listing  
Dobrowolski, Tadeusz    Program Listing  
Drasin, David    Program Listing  
Dubinsky, Ed    Program Listing  
D\v zamonja, Mirna    Program Listing  
Eakin, Jr., Paul M.   Program Listing  
Eberhart, Carl    Program Listing  
Ebiefung, Aniekan Asukwo   Program Listing  
Efrat, Ido    Program Listing  
Elek, Gabor    Program Listing  
Eschenbach, Carolyn A.   Program Listing  
Fern\'andez, Jos\'e L.   Program Listing  
Fishman, Louis    Program Listing  
Fitzgibbon, William    Program Listing  
Freudenburg, Gene    Program Listing  
Fried, Michael D.   Program Listing  
Gallagher, Richard J   Program Listing  
Garuti, Marco Andrea   Program Listing  
Gawarecki, Leszek P.   Program Listing  
Gehring, Frederick W.   Program Listing  
Gesztesy, Fritz    Program Listing  
Gibson, Peter    Program Listing  
Gilbert, Michael    Program Listing  
Gilbert, Robert Pertsch   Program Listing  
Gilmer, Robert    Program Listing  
Glaz, Sarah    Program Listing  
Godbole, Anant P.   Program Listing  
Goeters, Herman Pat   Program Listing  
Goldfarb, Boris    Program Listing  
Gornet, Ruth    Program Listing  
Graczyk, Jacek    Program Listing  
Gruenhage, Gary    Program Listing  
Guan, Bo    Program Listing  
Guilbault, Craig R.   Program Listing  
Guralnick, Robert M.   Program Listing  
Hagstrom, Thomas    Program Listing  
Hall, Frank J.   Program Listing  
Han, Zheng-Chao    Program Listing  
Harbater, David    Program Listing  
He, Min MH.   Program Listing  
Heinonen, Juha    Program Listing  
Helmes, Kurt    Program Listing  
Herron, David A.   Program Listing  
Hitczenko, Pawel    Program Listing  
Hodel, Richard    Program Listing  
Horn, Mary Ann    Program Listing  
Houdr\'e, Christian    Program Listing  
Houston, N. G.   Program Listing  
Huang, Wenzhang    Program Listing  
Ihara, Yasutaka    Program Listing  
Ipsen, Ilse C.F.   Program Listing  
Johnson, Charles R.   Program Listing  
Johnson, Charles R.   Program Listing  
Kallenberg, Olav H.   Program Listing  
Karpeshina, Yulia    Program Listing  
Kawamura, Kazuhiro    Program Listing  
Kennedy, Judy    Program Listing  
Kertz, Robert P.   Program Listing  
Keyfitz, Barbara Lee   Program Listing  
Khots, Boris S.   Program Listing  
Kiessler, Peter C.   Program Listing  
Klarreich, Erica G   Program Listing  
Kleiman, Jennifer B.   Program Listing  
Kopperman, Ralph D.   Program Listing  
Kostreva, Michael M.   Program Listing  
Koszmider, Piotr    Program Listing  
Koyama, Akira    Program Listing  
Kozubowski, Tomasz J.   Program Listing  
Kratz, Marie F.   Program Listing  
Kriete, Hartje    Program Listing  
Kuperberg, Krystyna M   Program Listing  
Kurepa, Alexandra    Program Listing  
Lasiecka, Irena M.   Program Listing  
Laugesen, Richard Snyder   Program Listing  
Leadbetter, Malcolm R.   Program Listing  
Lee, Eva K   Program Listing  
Lefcourt, Tamara R.   Program Listing  
Lenhart, Suzanne M.   Program Listing  
Leon, Steven J.   Program Listing  
Lewis, Wayne   Program Listing  
Li, Chi-Kwong    Program Listing  
Liedahl, Steven    Program Listing  
Lin, Zhongyan    Program Listing  
Liu, Ph.D., Yi-Hsin    Program Listing  
Loomis, Irene    Program Listing  
Loomis, Paul A.   Program Listing  
Loper, Alan    Program Listing  
Lutzer, David J.   Program Listing  
MacDonald, Sean I.   Program Listing  
Magaard, Kay    Program Listing  
Malle, Gunter Martin   Program Listing  
Marden, Albert    Program Listing  
Markham, Thomas L.   Program Listing  
Marshall, Donald E.   Program Listing  
Mathias, Roy    Program Listing  
Matzat, Bernd Heinrich    Program Listing  
May, Michael    Program Listing  
Mayer, John    Program Listing  
McCormick, William P.   Program Listing  
McCuan, John    Program Listing  
McCulloch, J. H.   Program Listing  
McLaughlin, Joyce R.   Program Listing  
Mihalik, Michael L.   Program Listing  
Minc, Piotr    Program Listing  
Mio, Washington    Program Listing  
Misiurewicz, Micha\l\    Program Listing  
Mogilski, Jerzy K.   Program Listing  
Morgan, Jeffrey J.   Program Listing  
Moro, Julio    Program Listing  
Mulay, Shashikant B.   Program Listing  
M\"uller, Peter    Program Listing  
Nachtigal, Noel M.   Program Listing  
Nylen, Peter    Program Listing  
Oberste-Vorth, Ralph W.   Program Listing  
Oh, Heung-Joon    Program Listing  
Okun, Boris L.   Program Listing  
Oversteegen, Lex G.   Program Listing  
Pan, Chunliang    Program Listing  
Panorska, Anna K.   Program Listing  
Papanicolaou, Vassilis George   Program Listing  
Park, Jeanam    Program Listing  
Parrott, Mary E.   Program Listing  
Pate Jr., Thomas H.   Program Listing  
Payne, Kevin R.   Program Listing  
Petersen, Carsten Lunde   Program Listing  
Picavet, Gabriel    Program Listing  
Picavet-L'Hermitte, Martine    Program Listing  
Plemmons, Robert J.   Program Listing  
Podg\'orski, Krzysztof    Program Listing  
Poole, George D.   Program Listing  
Portnoy, Arturo    Program Listing  
Purisch, Steven D.   Program Listing  
Quenell, Gregory T.   Program Listing  
Rabus, Mariusz    Program Listing  
Rajput, Balram S   Program Listing  
Repovs, Dusan    Program Listing  
Robinson, Stephen B   Program Listing  
Rodman, Leiba    Program Listing  
Rogers, Jr., James T.   Program Listing  
Rosinski, Jan    Program Listing  
Russell, David L.   Program Listing  
Samorodnitsky, Gennady    Program Listing  
Santanilla, Jairo    Program Listing  
Schultz, Pete    Program Listing  
Seaquist, Carl R.   Program Listing  
Shen, W.    Program Listing  
Shibakov, Alexander Y.   Program Listing  
Shields, Sandra L.   Program Listing  
Shubov, Marianna A.   Program Listing  
Shubov, Marianna A.   Program Listing  
Siegrist, Kyle T .   Program Listing  
Simonett, Gieri    Program Listing  
Smith, William W.   Program Listing  
Stanford, David P.   Program Listing  
Stark, Christopher W.   Program Listing  
Stephenson, Ken    Program Listing  
Stevenson, Katherine F.   Program Listing  
Sundaram, Ganapathy S.   Program Listing  
Sundberg, Carl    Program Listing  
Swallow, John R.   Program Listing  
Swiatek, Grzegorz    Program Listing  
Szulga, Jerzy    Program Listing  
Tahvildar-Zadeh, A. Shadi    Program Listing  
Tall, Franklin    Program Listing  
TAM, Tin-Yau    Program Listing  
Taylor, Edward    Program Listing  
Ten Heuisen, L., Matthew    Program Listing  
Teytel, Mikhail    Program Listing  
Turpin, Mark H.   Program Listing  
Uhlig, Frank D.   Program Listing  
Urba\'nski, M.    Program Listing  
Vainberg, Boris R.   Program Listing  
Vaughan, Jerry E.   Program Listing  
Venema, Gerard A.   Program Listing  
Veselov, Vladimir F.   Program Listing  
Vicknair, J Paul   Program Listing  
Voelklein, Helmut    Program Listing  
Volberg, Alexander    Program Listing  
Ward, Lesley    Program Listing  
Weaver, James R.   Program Listing  
Weron, Aleksander    Program Listing  
Wewers, Stefan    Program Listing  
Widener, Mark P.   Program Listing  
Wolpert, Scott Andrew   Program Listing  
Woyczynski, Wojbor A.   Program Listing  
Wright, David G.   Program Listing  
Wu, Jang-Mei    Program Listing  
Xiong, Jie    Program Listing  
Xu, Yongzhi    Program Listing  
Xu, Ph.D., Yuesheng    Program Listing  
Yagasaki, Tatsuhiko    Program Listing  
Yamg, Shanshuang    Program Listing  
Yi, Yingtei    Program Listing  
Yokoi, Katsuya    Program Listing  
Youree, Roger    Program Listing  
Zafrullah, Muhammad    Program Listing  
Zorn, Paul    Program Listing  
Zou, Henghui    Program Listing  

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