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AMS Sectional Meeting Presenters

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1997 Spring Eastern Sectional Meeting
College Park, MD, April 12-13, 1997
Meeting #920

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Agnihotri, Sharad    Program Listing  
Akin, Ethan    Program Listing  
Aldroubi, Akram    Program Listing  
Alvarez, Sergio A.   Program Listing  
Aneziris, Charilaos N.   Program Listing  
Arnold, Douglas N   Program Listing  
Assani, Idris    Program Listing  
Barbasch, Dan M   Program Listing  
Barvinok, Alexander    Program Listing  
Basu, Saugata    Program Listing  
Benardete, Diego M   Program Listing  
Benke, George    Program Listing  
Benveniste, Elie J.   Program Listing  
Bluher, Antonia Wilson   Program Listing  
Boden, Hans U.   Program Listing  
Brenken, Berndt A   Program Listing  
Brislawn, Christopher M.   Program Listing  
Br{\"o}nnimann, Herv{\'e}    Program Listing  
Brown, Richard J.   Program Listing  
Bullock, Doug    Program Listing  
Carter, J. Scott   Program Listing  
Casey, Stephen D.   Program Listing  
Chastain, Scott Gregory   Program Listing  
Choi, Suhyoung    Program Listing  
Chu, Hsin    Program Listing  
Cockburn, Bernardo    Program Listing  
Comar, Timothy D   Program Listing  
Crannell, Annalisa    Program Listing  
Daskalopoulos, Panagiota    Program Listing  
Deaconu, Valentin    Program Listing  
De Oliveira, Victor    Program Listing  
Ding, Hongming    Program Listing  
Dokken, Douglas P   Program Listing  
Donagi, Ron Y.   Program Listing  
Dou, Ze-Li    Program Listing  
Douglas, Jack F.   Program Listing  
Drumm, Todd A.   Program Listing  
Ekholm, Tobias    Program Listing  
Elman, Howard C.   Program Listing  
Engler, Hans P.   Program Listing  
Estep, Donald J.   Program Listing  
Falk, Richard S   Program Listing  
Fan, Haitao  &nb