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1998 Spring Eastern Section Meeting
Philadelphia, PA, April 4-6, 1998
Meeting #933

Associate secretaries:
Lesley M Sibner, AMS

Agranovsky, Mark L.   Program Listing  
Ahlgren, Scott D.   Program Listing  
Ajitabh, Kaushal    Program Listing  
Albree, Joe    Program Listing  
Alladi, Krishnaswami    Program Listing  
Alvarez Paiva, Juan Carlos    Program Listing  
Amdeberhan, Tewodros    Program Listing  
Arney, David C   Program Listing  
Askey, Richard A   Program Listing  
Bauer, Robert O   Program Listing  
Beals, Michael    Program Listing  
Beckenstein, Edward    Program Listing  
Beckner, William    Program Listing  
Berard, Louise M   Program Listing  
Berndt, Bruce C.   Program Listing  
Biane, Philippe    Program Listing  
Block, Jonathan L   Program Listing  
Boman, Jan    Program Listing  
Branson, Thomas P   Program Listing  
Brenier, Yann    Program Listing  
Bressoud, David M.   Program Listing  
Brown, Russell M   Program Listing  
Bueler, Edward L   Program Listing  
Cantarella, Jason    Program Listing  
Cao-Huu, Tuan    Program Listing  
Capogna, Luca    Program Listing  
Carlen, Eric A   Program Listing  
Castro, Alfonso    Program Listing  
Catoiu, Stefan    Program Listing  
Chanillo, Sagun    Program Listing  
Chein, Orin N.   Program Listing  
Chen, Wenxiong    Program Listing  
Chen, xiuxiong    Program Listing  
Chinburg, Ted C.   Program Listing  
Chua, Seng-Kee    Program Listing  
Cochell, Gary G.   Program Listing  
Cohen, Ralph L.   Program Listing  
Colding, Tobias H.   Program Listing  
Conrey, Brian    Program Listing  
Cordaro, Paulo D.   Program Listing  
Coughlin, Raymond F.   Program Listing  
Crannell, Annalisa    Program Listing  
D'Angelo, John P.   Program Listing  
Datskovsky, Joseph A   Program Listing  
Dauben, Joseph W.   Program Listing  
Davis, Martin    Program Listing  
Deanin, Alice A   Program Listing  
Di Fazio, Giuseppe    Program Listing  
Dostoglou, Stamatis    Program Listing  
Ebin, David G.   Program Listing  
Ehrenpreis, Leon    Program Listing  
Epstein, Charles L.   Program Listing  
Farkas, Daniel R   Program Listing  
Farmer, David W   Program Listing  
Fasanelli, Florence D   Program Listing  
Fauvel, John G   Program Listing  
Feeman, Timothy G   Program Listing  
Felmer, Patricio    Program Listing  
Fenster, Della D.   Program Listing  
Fink, James P   Program Listing  
Finn, David L   Program Listing  
Fleming, Richard J.   Program Listing  
Franchi, Bruno    Program Listing  
Francsics, Gabor    Program Listing  
Friedlander, Susan    Program Listing  
Fu, Siqi    Program Listing  
Galperin, Efim    Program Listing  
Gatermann, Karin    Program Listing  
Gelaki, Shlomo    Program Listing  
Geller, Daryl    Program Listing  
Gerstenhaber, Murray    Program Listing  
Getzler, Ezra    Program Listing  
Giaquinto, Tony    Program Listing  
Gindikin, Simon    Program Listing  
Gonzalez, Fulton B   Program Listing  
Goodearl, Kenneth R   Program Listing  
Gordina, Maria    Program Listing  
Gordon, Basil    Program Listing  
Green, Edward L   Program Listing  
Green, Judy    Program Listing  
Greenleaf, Allan    Program Listing  
Gross, Leonard    Program Listing  
Guerzhoy, Pavel I   Program Listing  
Hagedorn, Thomas R   Program Listing  
Hagelgans, Nancy L.   Program Listing  
Hall, Brian C.   Program Listing  
Han, Zheng-Chao    Program Listing  
Hanges, Nicholas    Program Listing  
Hassen, Abdulkadir    Program Listing  
Helgason, Sigurdur    Program Listing  
Herman, Gabor T   Program Listing  
Himonas, Alex A   Program Listing  
Horwitz, Alan L   Program Listing  
Hosten, Serkan    Program Listing  
Huang, Qingbo    Program Listing  
Huang, Xiaojun    Program Listing  
Huber, Birkett    Program Listing  
Hughes, Anthony    Program Listing  
Huisgen-Zimmermann, Birge    Program Listing  
Iaia, Joseph A.   Program Listing  
James, Kevin L   Program Listing  
Jessup, Peter G.   Program Listing  
Johnston, Clifford A   Program Listing  
Johnston, Heather M   Program Listing  
Jorgensen, Palle E.T.   Program Listing  
Kambe, Tsutomu    Program Listing  
Kang, Soon-Yi    Program Listing  
Kapur, Deepak    Program Listing  
Katsevich, Alexander    Program Listing  
Katsuhiro, Suzuki    Program Listing  
Keyser, John C.   Program Listing  
Khesin, Boris A.   Program Listing  
Kiessling, Michael K-H   Program Listing  
Klotz, Eugene A.   Program Listing  
Knopf, Peter M   Program Listing  
Kolasa, Lawrence A   Program Listing  
Kra, Irwin    Program Listing  
Krichever, Igor    Program Listing  
Kuchment, Peter    Program Listing  
Lanzani, Loredana    Program Listing  
Le, Anbo    Program Listing  
Lee, Ronnie    Program Listing  
Letzter, Edward S   Program Listing  
Letzter, Gail    Program Listing  
Lewis, Albert C.   Program Listing  
Lewkeeratiyutkul, Wicharn    Program Listing  
Li, Congming    Program Listing  
Li, Tian-Jun    Program Listing  
Li, Tien-Yien    Program Listing  
Li, Wen-Ching Winnie   Program Listing  
Li, Yanyan    Program Listing  
Lieman, Daniel B   Program Listing  
Linnell, Peter A.   Program Listing  
Lou, Yuan    Program Listing  
Mahoney, Michael S.   Program Listing  
Makar-Limanov, Leonid    Program Listing  
Malajovich, Gregorio    Program Listing  
Malcolmson, Peter    Program Listing  
Malliavin, Paul    Program Listing  
Manfredi, Juan J.   Program Listing  
Marmolejo Olea, Emilio    Program Listing  
Maurer, Stephen B   Program Listing  
McCann, Robert J   Program Listing  
McCleary, John H   Program Listing  
McLennan, Andrew M   Program Listing  
Meziani, Abdelhamid    Program Listing  
Miller, Curtis P.   Program Listing  
Minicozzi II, William P.   Program Listing  
Mitchell, Jeffrey J.   Program Listing  
Mitrea, Marius S   Program Listing  
Moll, Victor H.   Program Listing  
Montgomery, M. Susan   Program Listing  
Mourrain, Bernard    Program Listing  
Nahmod, Andrea R.   Program Listing  
Neeman, Amnon    Program Listing  
Ng, Esmond G   Program Listing  
Novikov, Sergey P.   Program Listing  
Olafsson, Gestur    Program Listing  
Ono, Ken    Program Listing  
Ono, Toshihiko    Program Listing  
\O{}rsted, Bent    Program Listing  
Ostheimer, Gretchen    Program Listing  
Ozsvath, Peter S   Program Listing  
Pan, Victor Y.   Program Listing  
Pan, Yibiao    Program Listing  
Panchenko, Alexander    Program Listing  
Pantev, Tony G   Program Listing  
Parshall, Karen V.H.   Program Listing  
Pasles, Paul C   Program Listing  
Passow, Eli    Program Listing  
Patrick, David    Program Listing  
Pesenson, Isaac    Program Listing  
Plassmann, Paul E.   Program Listing  
Pothen, Alex    Program Listing  
Prevost, Shari    Program Listing  
Pustilnik, Phyllis L.   Program Listing  
Pustilnik, Seymour W.   Program Listing  
Quinto, Eric Todd   Program Listing  
Rachele, Lizabeth V   Program Listing  
Raghavan, Padma    Program Listing  
Reich, Dan    Program Listing  
Ricca, Renzo L   Program Listing  
Roberts, David L   Program Listing  
Rojas, J. Maurice   Program Listing  
Rosenstein, George M.   Program Listing  
Rothenberg, Mel    Program Listing  
Safonov, Mikhail V.   Program Listing  
Santos, Jose Plinio O   Program Listing  
Schmid, Rudolf    Program Listing  
Sedenko, Vasiliy I   Program Listing  
Seidel, Paul    Program Listing  
Sengupta, Ambar N   Program Listing  
Sheingorn, Mark    Program Listing  
Shepp, Larry    Program Listing  
Sherman, Malcolm J   Program Listing  
Shi, Yixum    Program Listing  
Shkoller, Steve    Program Listing  
Short, Thomas H.   Program Listing  
Sibner, Lesley M   Program Listing  
Son, Seung H   Program Listing  
Spradlin, Greg S   Program Listing  
Spruck, Joel    Program Listing  
Stanton, Nancy K.   Program Listing  
Stein, Elias M.   Program Listing  
Stenzel, Matthew B.   Program Listing  
Stephenson, Darin R   Program Listing  
Stiller, Peter F.   Program Listing  
Straube, Emil J   Program Listing  
Szabo, Zoltan    Program Listing  
Szyld, Daniel B   Program Listing  
Tarantello, Gabriella    Program Listing  
Tartakoff, David S.   Program Listing  
Tattersall, James J   Program Listing  
Tecosky-Feldman, Jeff    Program Listing  
Tepper, David E.   Program Listing  
Thomas, Rekha Rachel   Program Listing  
Thomas, Richard P   Program Listing  
Todorov, Andrey N   Program Listing  
Turetsky, James    Program Listing  
Vancliff, Michaela    Program Listing  
Velasquez, Elinor    Program Listing  
Verschelde, Jan    Program Listing  
Vishik, Misha    Program Listing  
Walnut, David F   Program Listing  
Wang, Tingxiu    Program Listing  
Weinberg, David    Program Listing  
Weiss, Guido L   Program Listing  
Wheeden, Richard L.   Program Listing  
Williams, Bruce    Program Listing  
Xu, Jinchao    Program Listing  
Yasskin, Philip B.   Program Listing  
Yoshida, Kyo    Program Listing  
Yudovich, Victor    Program Listing  
Zha, Hongyuan    Program Listing  
Zhou, Yiying    Program Listing  
Zhou, Zhengfang    Program Listing  

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